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6 Yoga poses to reduce stress, increase energy and improve flexibility

Let go of stress, increase your energy and boost your mood with a few easy yoga poses you can do anywhere.

Yoga is a practice that has an array of benefits, both physical and mental. Just by taking a few minutes out of your day to perform a few postures, you will begin to notice some incredible changes in your physique and attitude. You will start to let go of issues from the past or the worry of future outcomes. You’ll start to enjoy the moment you are in without wondering about what is going to happen next. You will release negativity that no longer serves you. Your body feel stronger and more flexible. Tension will ease and you will feel light and open. Your relationships and productivity at work will greatly benefit from this practice.

1. Downward dog

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Come into a straight arm plank with wrists under shoulders and feet hip width apart. Press into your palms as you shift your hips up and back. Draw shoulder blades together, release tension in your neck and press chest toward thighs. Point tailbone up toward the sky as you press heels toward the floor.

2. Reverse warrior

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width. Turn left toes out and right toes in. Deeply bend left knee, making sure it tracks directly above the ankle. Extend arms out to shoulder height. Reach up and back placing right hand above or below knee and extending left arm overhead.

3. Extended side angle

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Maintaining the same position as the reverse warrior (see directions above), shift arms forward placing forearm on left thigh. Extend right arm overhead with palm facing down. Maintain a strong core and straight spine the entire time.

4. Triangle

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width. Turn left toes out and right toes inward. Bring both arms up to shoulder height. Slowly shift torso forward and place left hand above or below knee. Extend right arm directly above head. Spin ribs up toward the sky.

5. Warrior three

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Place all the weight into your right foot. Take a slight bend in your knee and hinge at your hips. Bring torso close to parallel with the ground as you kick your left leg back up to hip height. Place hands at your heart center, engage your glutes and draw shoulder blades together.

6. Wide legged forward bend

Image: Amy Tobin/SheKnows

Stand with feet wider than hip width and parallel. Clasp hands behind you and lift chest up. Take a slight bend in your knees as you hinge forward at your hips. Let head and neck relax. Bring arms above your head or wherever feels most comfortable. Keep a slight bend in your knees to ease the stretch of your hamstrings. To come out of the position, deeply bend both knees, lift chest and come all the way back to standing.

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