4 Ways to avoid falling off your diet

Mar 15, 2014 at 6:18 a.m. ET

Approach your goal wisely, and you'll be more likely to reach it.

woman on diet

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If you've been putting off taking action to improve your health and finally shed those excess pounds that have crept up over the years, sticking with your diet is going to be a must.

One of the biggest issues that so many people have is yo-yo dieting. One minute they’re on their diet and the next minute they've fallen off the bandwagon. The more often this happens, the more detrimental it’s going to be to your progress, so it’s really something that you have to work hard to avoid.

Fortunately, with the right approach in place, you can boost the chances that you do stick with that diet once and for all.

Here are four great tips to get you going.

Find a plan you enjoy

First, it would seem like it should be self-explanatory, but do not try to put yourself on a plan that you despise.

If you hate each day that passes by because you are hungry, suffering from food cravings and low on energy, it’s clear that plan is not working for you.

It doesn't matter how great a diet is on paper, if you don’t actually enjoy being on it, nothing is going to keep you motivated to stick with it.

With so many different effective diet approaches out there now, there is no reason to be doing one that you hate. You can find one that you enjoy and actually want to stick with over time.

Try new recipes

Second, also make sure that you are regularly trying new recipes as well. There’s no reason to let yourself start suffering from dietary boredom. Simply seek out new recipes and give them a try whenever possible.

There are numerous ways to substitute out unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones, so yet again, another reason why you don’t need to turn to those unhealthy recipes you crave.

Evaluate your progress regularly

It’s also a must that you are evaluating your progress regularly. If you are someone who is hoping to make ongoing progress, you need to constantly be adjusting and adapting your diet as you go.

Remember, your body is going to be constantly changing, your metabolic rate altering based on your progress and how your diet is going.

If you don’t adapt your diet to accommodate, eventually you will hit a plateau.

By keeping tabs on your progress and adjusting things, you ensure you not only feel better, but see constant progress as well. That then means you will stay motivated because you will actually be getting results.

Take diet breaks

Finally, also be sure that you are incorporating diet breaks every so often as well. Remember, you should never stay on a very intense diet for more than six weeks at a time. Dieting is hard on the body and if you don’t let up and give it more food every now and then, it’s going to fight back and make your life feel miserable.

Take a one-week diet break after every six weeks that you are dieting. If you have quite a bit of weight to lose, these short diet breaks really could make or break the success that you see.

So there you have some quick tips to remember if you want to see success on your fat loss diet this time around. Those who don’t approach this goal wisely are not going to move forward and realize their dream body, so it’s really one goal that you need to think through before you begin your approach. Find one that you will stick with and you’ll fare far better.