Daylight savings workout time saving tips!

Mar 13, 2014 at 10:32 p.m. ET

Figure out ways to save time where you can on your workout routine.

woman woriking out

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Chances are you might be feeling a little groggy this week, wondering where the time has gone. The good news is that you’re not alone. So instead of stressing about how you’re going to catch up over the next few weeks, be smart! Figure out ways to save time where you can. We here at SweatGuru are all about saving time, so we’ve put together a list of some great ways to maximize the efficiency of your next workout.

Plan ahead

Stock your gym bag with the essentials. Keep a spare set of makeup, toiletries, and gym shoes in your bag making it easier than ever to just grab and go. I always lay out my workout clothes and place my work clothes in my gym bag to save time in the morning.

Recycled hair

If you're trying to squeeze in a workout but are worried you won't have enough time to get ready afterward, consider ditching the shampoo and conditioner and go for a flirty, messy bun instead. One way I l like to recycle hairdos and forgo a wash is to throw my hair up in a loose bun while showering and slightly mist around the crown of my head (sometimes I'll even do a quick wash of my bangs). A quick blow dry through the wet areas and a playful, messy bun will take you from workout to work in no time!

High intensity

There are plenty of ways to work out in less time! Grab a HIIT class for an efficient fat burning workout or forgo your usual long run for quick sprint intervals or hill repeats. Split it up: If you're short on time, consider breaking your workout up into chunks. Do half an hour in the morning and half an hour after work. It will not only help you get to where you need to be but you'll feel great fitting in not one but two sweaty sessions!

Cut the nonsense

Skip the fluff, get right to the good stuff. Instead of worrying about however many exercises you normally do in your routine, focus on the important ones, the ones that leave you feeling the most energized and renewed. Not only will your workout go by faster, but chances are you'll be working your body more effectively too.

Walk to the gym

Save time during your next workout by warming up on the way to the gym! Most experts agree that a five- to 10-minute walk will sufficiently warm you up for physical activity, so skip the warmup in the gym and tackle it before you even get there. To save even more time, add some spinal twists, arm swings, and leg kicks while you walk. Not only will your body warm up, your major muscle groups will begin to activate and help you perform better during your workout. Live too far to walk the whole way? Park your car a little farther away. The walk on the way back will be a great way to cool down!

Shake up

If you want to stop wasting time before or after the gym, shake up! Your body needs fuel both when you exercise and after you finish, but it can be a chore to prepare so much food in such a short amount of time. So instead of making sandwiches on your next pre-gym trip to the kitchen, try making a nutritious and healthy shake to have after your workout. You can make your post-workout shake however you'd like. Some people enjoy lots of fruits and veggies, others like to stick to protein or carb supplements. Whatever works for you, works for you, so grab that bottle and shake up before your next workout!