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7 Ways to stay healthy when traveling

Here are a few helpful tips to help support you on your health and wellness journey.

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t When we travel for any reason, be it for business or pleasure, there is typically down time while we are in transit that can lead to giving in to some unhealthy temptations such as booze and fast food. These are typical reactions to being stressed or bored, but given the proper planning, it doesn’t have to always be that way! To help you stay on track with your movement and nutrition, here are a few helpful tips to help support you on your health and wellness journey.


Plan ahead

t Decide if going to the gym, taking a hike or taking a yoga class is something that you want to do on your vacation or business trip. By choosing that moving your body will be part of your trip, you will pack your sneakers and your favorite outfits to move your body in. Once you open your suitcase and you see your movement attire you will be more apt to make this part of your day. You can also book a hotel with a fitness center; some hotels even offer personal trainers or yoga classes. If they don’t, I encourage you to call the hotel ahead of time and find out if there is a gym or yoga studio close by.


Toll passes

t One of the best parts about traveling frequently is that you can get approved for TSA pre-check and you no longer need to wait in long security lines. If you are a frequent traveler, this is something to look into today to help make your next trip easier. If you are planning on driving a lot, the EZ Pass (or FastPass) is definitely worth it. It might seem like an investment, but more time to enjoy your life is worth the expense.


Healthy snacks

t I rarely ever leave the house without some of my favorite healthy snacks. Whenever I fly I bring a salad with me and some trail mix. One of my favorite blends is unsweetened shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs. Flying or driving for extended periods of time can make us feel cranky and tired; one of the main reasons is that we are not getting enough water. Drink even more water when you are traveling. I like to bring an empty water bottle and fill it up before I get on the plane, and I bring extra water bottles when I know I will be in the car for a long period of time. If you are staying overnight you can even bring a small blender like a Magic Bullet to prepare healthy smoothies, and a cooler of healthy snacks like veggies, hummus and fruit.


Get rid of temptations

t Traveling is full of temptations, like the free food at meetings, the happy hours and the mini-fridge. When I used to travel a lot for work, I would make a stop at the closest grocery store and stock my mini-fridge up with healthy snacks. If you are super tempted by the candy and soda in the mini-fridge, you can call the hotel ahead of time and ask them to empty it before you arrive or just lock the fridge and give the front desk your key.



t Traveling can be a lot of fun, especially if you are on an amazing vacation with friends, family and your significant other. So continue with the 80/20 balance mentality, try to eat healthy, move your body and take time for you while enjoying yourself. If you eat more ice cream than normal, just enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty about it, not ever, but especially on vacation. I always like to remind myself how I feel when I am taking care of myself, if I am eating a lot of unhealthy things, then I usually feel sluggish and tired; so I try to find the healthiest foods for me so that I have enough energy to enjoy my time.


Strengthen your defenses

t So often when we travel, that is the time that we come down with a cold. If you are traveling for work you might be feeling a little stressed and run down, so you catch it quicker. If you are finally taking a vacation and giving your body time to relax, if your immune system is already weakened you might get sick. I encourage you to take the week leading up to your travel to add in more greens, get more sleep and move your body to help support your immune system. Camu powder is a “super food” and is the purest form of vitamin C; add it to your water or smoothies the week before a trip and during your trip. Bring “Thieves Oil” with you, a blend of essential oils that helps you stay healthy.


Stay flexible

t The threat of travel delays (weather, traffic, etc.), can add some extra stress to our travel. Instead of letting that get to you, I encourage you to take this time to catch up on phone calls, read a book, stretch at the airport. Whatever you can do to help your body stay calm will keep you feeling healthy.

t The best part about traveling is seeing new things and exploring your new surroundings, so relax, pack smart and have fun on your next adventure.

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