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?The best fitness classes to beat winter blues

Need a change of scenery? Instead of booking a trip, grab a class-pass to a new fitness studio near you.

tyoga class

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t It’s that time of year again; things can be a little gloomy. Half-melted piles of snow, mud puddles, gray skies, pretty much bleh all around. So it’s time to beat those winter blues and get a little change of scenery. No, I’m not talking about a tropical vacation or sunny getaway; your escape is much closer to home. Instead of booking an itinerary, grab a class-pass to a new fitness studio near you. It might just be the change you need to snap you out of your midwinter funk. Here are a few ideas for some new things to try. Or, you can find some classes on your own over at SweatGuru.


t If you’re looking for a complete emotional 180, it’s hard to beat yoga. From those first few poses on the mat to the infinitely relaxing and refreshing end-of-class Shavasana, yoga will leave you feeling energized and renewed like few other things can. While there are many different types, that just means more options to try! You might like one specific kind, or you may like them all! There’s only one way to find out, right?


t Spin seems to be all the rage these days. With the bumpin’ tunes, great atmosphere and energetic instructors, it’s easy to see why spin has become so popular. So ditch that cold winter air and hop into a hot and sweaty spin studio. There are plenty to choose from, and chances are they’re all going to be pretty warm.


t Barre classes fuse principles of yoga, Pilates and ballet into one effective, safe and enjoyable workout. While there are many different interpretations of how to use Barre most effectively as an exercise tool, one thing usually stays constant, the use of the ballet barre as an anchor for movement and rest. Expect to focus on your breath, some deep stretching and lots of mental relaxation.

Kettle bells

t If you’re ready for a workout that will kick things into high gear, kettle bells might be the way to go for you. Originally a Russian creation, kettle bells have exploded in popularity in the U.S. over the last decade. Compared to normal dumbbells or barbells, kettle bell exercises integrate more explosiveness and lots of deep, swinging movements, which is good news for anyone looking for a high-intensity leg, shoulder and back workout. Try a kettle bell class and see if it’s right for you!

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