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6 Health-boosting foods

Are you missing out on any of these delicious, super-healthy foods?

t As you work towards the goal of body weight management, one thing that you cannot overlook is promoting better health in the process. Fortunately, healthy foods and weight-loss-friendly foods often go hand in hand. By making sure you are getting one, you will automatically satisfy the requirements of the other.

t Let’s take a quick peek at six health-boosting foods you want to be sure you are taking in on a regular basis.



Photo Credit: Flickr | Wordridden

t Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables around, and one that you definitely want to be focusing on. Loaded with antioxidants, kale will help combat free radical damage and will ensure that you are getting in a good dose of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and a host of other nutrients. Try it in salads, stir-fries, or baked into kale chips, yum!

Sweet potatoes


Photo Credit: Flickr | Irony Poisoning

t Sweet potatoes are another good food to be eating on a regular basis, especially for active individuals. They are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and will help stabilize your blood glucose levels.

t They can be mashed, baked or converted into sweet potato fries and cooked in the oven, as seen above. With so many ways to enjoy this vegetable, you can find one that you will enjoy.

White fish


Photo Credit: Flickr | Naotakem

t White fish is one of the most optimal forms of protein, because it’s a very high quality source of amino acids and it’s virtually fat free.

t This makes it a lower-calorie choice that will allow for rapid fat loss. Whether you prefer tilapia, cod or halibut, make sure that you take it in.

t You should also consider adding fatty varieties of fish such as salmon or mackerel every so often, as they will supply the healthy fats that your body needs to lose weight effectively. They are higher in calories, however, so just be sure to account for the increase.



Photo Credit: Flickr | Ninacoco

t Berries are also loaded with antioxidants and dietary fiber, and will help to keep you satisfied between your meals.

t Berries are one of the best fruits for anyone who wants to lose weight, so definitely a food to include in your routine.

t Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are all excellent choices and will liven up any dish they are served with, or they can be eaten as a light snack on their own.

Bell peppers


Photo Credit: Flickr | Ray Bouknight

t If you want to boost your immune system, look no further than bell peppers. Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C and will also provide some fiber, as well as keep your blood sugar stable while improving your immune system.

t They also add a nice taste to any salad or stir-fry, or simply saute and serve them on the side. Bell peppers are a highly versatile food to be taking in.

Lean steak


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

t Finally, don’t overlook lean steak. Far too many people avoid all red meat while on a fat-loss diet and there’s really no need. Lean steak will provide you with protein, vitamin B12, zinc, iron and many other nutrients that are important for a dieter to be consuming.

t Just be sure that you are watching your serving size and choosing a leaner cut of beef, and you can easily add this into your diet without a problem. Added benefits are gained when choosing a grass-fed lean cut vs. the typical grain-fed alternative.

t So there you have some of the top foods that you should be eating, not only to increase your chances of weight loss success, but to boost your health as well. Are you missing out on any of these?

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