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7 Ways to make Valentine’s Day meaningful

Whether you’re romantically involved, or enjoying singlehood, here are some tips to make Valentine’s Day meaningful.

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Stay away from the obvious

t Call me crazy, but I think that picking up red roses or candy hearts (unless they are for your children) requires no thought whatsoever. Anyone can do that; it’s always funny to see the line of men (yes, and women, too) who are waiting outside the local delis in NYC to pick up a last minute gift of flowers. Besides, a good relationship isn’t measured by how many candy hearts you consume in 24 hours.


Celebrate love

t That love isn’t limited to the romantic type. Friends, family and children deserve a little recognition too. In our greeting-card-driven world, we tend to forget that V-Day is for everyone (not just the person you may be sleeping with).


Step outside of your comfort zone

t I’m big on experiences rather than gifts. (I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at my eight year old’s basketball game.) Go somewhere that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Take a class, go on a tour, jump out of a plane (you get the point).


Have sex before or right after Valentine’s Day ends

t That may sound silly, but I have always been troubled by the notion that you have to be intimate on a particular day just because that’s what people are supposed to do. I say, buck tradition!


If you’re single, celebrate it.

t Gather your friends and celebrate the freedom of singlehood. (You know that old saying about the grass always being greener?) But it’s more than that; Valentine’s Day can easily make us feel badly about our relationship status (or lack thereof). However, this day is a good opportunity for us to recognize that it is better to be single than in a relationship that isn’t right for us.


Be protected

t I don’t make assumptions about anyone’s relationships. Some of you may be monogamous, some not so much. Some of you may run out and have a no-strings-attached one night stand. Doesn’t matter to me. You are entitled to make your own decisions. The only thing I will say is this: Use protection. Use condoms and other barriers. Valentine’s is one day; it shouldn’t last longer than that, if you know what I mean.


Don’t jump the gun

t Don’t tell someone that you love them for the first time, just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

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