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All I want for Valentine’s Day this year

I just want chocolate, because I always want chocolate. It’s that simple.

t What do I want for Valentine’s Day from my husband now that I’m a mom? A date night with just the two of us? Poetry? A trail of rose petals leading to a bed with satin sheets? A diamond necklace? A surprise trip to Fiji? An elaborate second wedding to reinstate our vows?

t Um, no. We do that stuff all year long. (OK, minus everything except occasional date nights. But still, we’re covered.)

t It’s really quite simple.

t All I want is:


t Chocolate. I just want chocolate, because I always want chocolate, and Valentine’s Day is a really great excuse to consume more of it in one sitting.

t Do I want to go out on a date on Valentine’s Day? No, no I don’t. The restaurants are crowded and it would be difficult to find a sitter. All I want to do is stay home and do what we usually do after the kids go to sleep but with more chocolate.

t But I do have some guidelines for my yearly gift:


t The chocolate should arrive in a heart-shaped box. They taste better.


t And they must have a variety of chocolates inside, such as orange cream filled, and caramels and yes, even coconut. I love the coconut ones why do so many people hate those? I’m glad though, because then I get them all.

t That’s it! It really is simple. My husband follows these simple guidelines each year with great success, and I’m sure this year our celebrations will be just as delicious… er, I mean romantic.

t Happy Valentine’s Day! If you celebrate, enjoy your chocolate!

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