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7 Reasons why dating for dinner is a bad idea

Is dating for dinner ever okay? 23-year-old aspiring actress Erin Wotherspoon thinks so and has a whole blog about the men she exploits all for a free meal. Here’s 7 reasons that’s a bad idea


t Most people date hoping to find love…but for 23-year-old aspiring actress Erin Wotherspoon, she’s just looking for a free dinner. On her blog Restaurant Tips From A Serial Dater, she admits to using online dating sites strictly to find men to take her to dinner at fancy restaurants and pick up the check. “I’ve got a pretty face and a pretty extensive UrbanSpoon wish list…we all know getting what you want in life can be tough so I’ve decided to let someone else finance my dreams,” she writes. “My dreams? To eat in pretty restaurants without costing me a penny.” We’re not even sure that this girl is serious (maybe she’s just trying to get famous), but if she is, it’s sad.

tWatch the video here>>

tHere’s 7 reasons why dating for dinner (and blogging about it) is a bad idea. Erin, take note:

t 1. Your reputation follows you. Her JDate account has already been activated after people caught wind of what she was doing, and the fact that she blatantly blogs about her shameless exploits is even worse. What you put online stays there forever. Maybe she doesn’t want a boyfriend now, but one day, she’ll meet someone she actually likes and when they find out about her blog, it’s going to be a huge turn off.

t 2. There’s no guarantee the guy will pick up your tab. Of course it’s nice when a guy is gentlemen and treats you on a first date, but you can’t assume that will happen. In Erin’s case, she’s asking to go to expensive restaurants and ordering up whatever she wants, but who’s to say her date won’t want to split the bill?

t 3. It’s not empowering. As a woman, you shouldn’t have to always rely on a man. If the only way you can go to nice dinners is by depending on a guy, something is wrong. You should live a lifestyle within your means and if you want to be able to afford nice things, get a job, work hard and make your own money.

t 4. You may end up paying in a different way. Guys often their own agenda when they take a girl to dinner, too. Erin blogs about hooking up with some of her dates. If a girl blatantly only cares about getting a free dinner, don’t be surprised when your date expects you to put out in return afterwards.

t 5. There are alternatives. If you’re dying to try a new pricey restaurant, go during happy hour when things are discounted and order an appetizer. Or wait for your parents to visit and have them treat you.

t 6. Karma. Repeatedly using men for free meals is just mean and we bet karma will eventually catch up with this chick. How long until a guy realizes who she is, asks her out and sticks her with the bill at the end of the night?

t 7. You’re totally ruining the dating process. A lot of first dates can be awkward, but when you have a good one, it’s amazing. Is it really worth getting ready, faking conversation and feigning interest in someone you’re not even attracted to and never want to see again just for a free meal? I’d rather stay in, order my own take out and wait for a date with someone I’m actually excited to go out with.

t I joined Fox & Friends’ on Saturday morning to discuss Erin’s blog, dating etiquette and how guys can avoid this sort of situation.

t Check out the segment here and Tweet me your thoughts @cristinagibson. Is dating for dinner ever okay?

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