5 Reasons a DIY panty liner is a bad idea

If, like us, you long ago learned that wearing a panty liner every day is a total saving grace, you’ve undoubtedly worked your way through many a box. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve seen a Pinterest tutorial and decided to DIY your very own instead. But we’re friends, right? Let us remind you why that’s not the best idea.

1. It requires a certain craftiness

We’re not trying to say you haven’t nailed a few Pinterest projects. That burlap monogram wreath you made for your front door? Fabulous. But DIY-ing a panty liner is a bit more involved than wrapping some fabric around a Styrofoam ring. It involves sewing. And repurposing household items such as ratty t-shirts or terrycloth towels. Even if you’re a Martha Stewart in the making, who has time for that? Not us.

2. One word: upkeep

Let’s be honest. You know those dishes in your sink aren’t going to wash themselves, yet you still haven’t tackled ’em. Do you really think you’re going to wash your DIY panty liner every day? Even if you make a few, the upkeep is the same. You’ll have to remember to wash them and, if your domestic DIY skills are as paltry as mine, all that washing will likely lead to more than a few frayed ends.

3. The ol’ Clumpy McCloth pad shuffle

No matter how thin you try to make your DIY pantiliner, the truth is that it’s going to be inherently bulkier than a store-bought pantiliner. It’s just science — they’re made of some super-thin-but-somehow-super-absorbent stuff, while your DIY pantiliner requires several layers of cloth to get the same job done. It makes them more prone to things like twisting and bunching, and we all know what kind of awkward and uncomfortable (physically and mentally) walking that leads to.

4. Call us juvenile, but it seems a bit icky

We all know that while the female body is capable of many beautiful and glorious things, discharge, spotting and the like don’t necessarily fall under that umbrella. Still, they’re a fact of life, and we all have to learn to deal with them. Maybe it’s our inner middle-school girl coming out, but the idea of a DIY panty liner skeeves us out a little bit. Everything is just sort of… trapped. We get that store-bought panty liners essentially do the same, but they seem to magically wick any discharge (and smells, eww) away.

5. There’s already something way better out there

You’re busy. I’m busy. Everyone’s running around doing the best they can, which is why we’re all about leaving panty liners to the people who do them best. Carefree Acti-Fresh pantiliners are designed with convenience, comfort and protection in mind. Thanks to a super-thin core that’s twice as absorbent — not to mention an 8-hour odor control system — you’ll stay fresh all day. And you won’t even have to worry about whether your DIY stitching can withstand the tour de force that is your life.

This post was sponsored by Carefree.

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