New yoga class fuses ballet and yoga for a killer core workout

From the studio to the stage, combining the arts of yoga and ballet.

After suffering an ankle injury due to life as a professional ballerina, 27-year-old Beau Campbell decided to put a new spin on her practice by incorporating more yoga into her daily exercise routine.

The California-born, blonde beauty was a company dancer with Ballet Arizona for the past eight years before ultimately deciding to hang up her pointe shoes in exchange for her yoga mat, just shortly before SheKnows met up with her at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival on Stratton Mountain in Vermont, June 19-22.

Beau Campbell

Photo credit: Natalia Perez

Now as a member of Quixotic Fusion — an ensemble of artists that bring together aerial acrobatics, dance, theater, film, music and visual effects, Beau is traveling along with the Wanderlust team, performing and teaching at its various festivals across the country. At the most recent festival in Vermont, Beau had the unique opportunity to combine her passions for dance and yoga by debuting her newly created yoga class, which she appropriately titled “Yogarina.”

Beau’s Yogarina class is a “dance, yoga fusion,” which is practiced half on the mat and half off of it.

Beau Campbell

Photo credit: Guru Amrit Kahlsa

“It’s more of a traditional yoga warm-up, experimenting with external rotation and internal rotation,” Beau said. “It’s kind of a compare and contrast of ballet technique with yoga technique. We also get off the mat and explore more movement.”

She described her teaching style as fun, light-hearted, never intimidating, but also pretty hard. “It’s a lot of core work,” she admitted. Beau’s new style of yoga combines ballet technique with yoga poses and breath work for one killer workout that’s sure to make you break a sweat!

“With the breath, we’re creating space within our bodies and then I want the students to use their bodies to take up the space in the room,” she explained.

Beau Campbell

Photo credit: Josh Suhar

At the end of class, students were given combinations of yoga poses and ballet positions to perform across the floor, and even experimented with a little improv of their own. “It was so wonderful to watch,” Beau said of her debut class at Wanderlust. “The students were really open to trying new things.”

Beau is hoping to make her new style of yoga accessible to students all over the country. But for now, you can take her class during one of the upcoming Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, or at her hometown yoga studio, Sutra Midtown, in Phoenix, AZ.

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