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Kristen Bell talks boobs and body image

After having her daughter, Kristen Bell did something very un-Hollywood: She didn’t care about getting her post-baby body back.

The Veronica Mars star hosted American Express’ Epic EveryDay Getaway in New York City, where moms won a SoulCycle class in Grand Central Station, glam makeovers from DryBar and Sephora and gorgeous gowns from Rent the Runway. She explained why she’s been so open about not making fitting back into her skinny jeans a priority. “I just don’t think it’s very important and I feel like we can all let each other off the hook if more people talk about the fact that being healthy is absolutely important,” Kristen tells SheKnows. “Being skinny is really not important.”

In fact, there are certain aspects that she wants to keep about her body after having a baby, like her bra size. “I still have my breastfeeding boobs, which I was really excited about,” she explained of her new curves. “They get like monster, and they’re up high. It’s what I imagine having breast implants would be like, but you get them for about a year. It’s dope.” Luckily, she’s expecting again, she’ll get to keep her cleavage for awhile!

The 33-year-old actress is so comfortable in her own skin that she posed completely naked for Allure‘s annual Nudes issue, and didn’t even step up her workout routine before the shoot. “To put my money where was my mouth was, I needed to be shot in the body I was living in,” Kristen says of her decision to stick to the status quo.

Kristen wants to get something else straight. “Bikini Season is not a thing. It’s called SUMMER,” she recently tweeted. As for how to be confident at the beach, she says it’s all in your attitude. “Weirdly enough, especially in a bikini, I think it’s all mental. There are so many fun wraps and skirts and cover-ups… even throwing a long gold necklace on if you’re feeling slightly insecure! If you’re gonna wear one, just wear one. Who cares?”

“I’m not saying eat seven cheeseburgers before you put your bikini on but love where you’re at, or don’t bother,” she adds. “There’s no sense going out to the beach wearing a bikini and being nervous the whole time. It’s miserable!” While Kristen admits she still has insecurities sometimes, she’s realized what matters and what doesn’t. It also doesn’t hurt having husband Dax Shepard as her biggest fan. “When I was at my biggest in my pregnancy, he would say, ‘You’re the best looking I’ve ever seen you.’ It’s extremely respectful to the battles women face with each other and with the media and with pictures and their own mirrors and he’s so wildly supportive that it makes my existence a whole hell of a lot easier.”

Having her own “joyful” daughter, who’s currently learning sign language, has made her more zen of a person in general. “Even when I’m on the road and having a tiny bout of road rage, I can now think that the other person in the car is someone’s kid and it changes my perspective to be a little more compassionate.”

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