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Introducing a $169 award-winning personal massager

Lelo, a brand known for its ultra-luxe sex toys, has launched the Ora — the latest addition to its high-end line. The good news: It’s an award-winning oral sex simulator for women, which for us is like finding a unicorn. The bad news: It’s $169 (womp, womp). What’s the deal? Is it made out of panda?

There’s nothing wrong with shelling out dough for a quality sex toy (what’s more important than your orgasm?), but I have to admit: High-end vibrators confuse me. Sure, they look pretty and they’ve got 14 karat this and diamond-encrusted that… but is my vagina really going to care? And how much bang do you really get for your buck?

However, I might be willing to make an exception (you know, just this once). Lelo is a trailblazer when it comes to designing vibrators that aren’t only elegant, but innovative. Take the Ora, for example: It’s the world’s most sophisticated oral sex simulator (a market that’s been slim pickins up until this point). It combines vibrations with an inner mechanism that mimics your sig-o’s tongue. It has 10 different variations and intensities to choose from — the inner mechanism then pushes through the silicone to create the various tongue motions. It even has an INTENSE setting that offers 30 percent more power instantly (hel-lo).

It also remembers which mode you used the longest, so the next time you decide to put on some Marvin Gaye, the Ora’s literally ready when you are. It’s futuristic yet feminine, and while I’d imagine it’d take a while to learn your prime positions (with all of the buttons and doo-dads), it’s certainly a giant step up from the Sliquid Sqweel (aka the stuff of nightmares).

Yes, $169 is a big chunk of change, but between Lelo’s stellar reputation in the biz and the fact that there’s finally a vibrator that doesn’t look like it belongs in a crisper drawer, you might find it’s worth a splurge. Then again, what do I know?

Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

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