Tear-jerking father-of-the-bride speeches

Dad’s Day is officially here and it’s time to celebrate all of the wonderful things that make him… well, wonderful. So what better way to kick off the weekend’s festivities than with some touching clips of dads at their softest — giving their father-of-the-bride toast. And if you can’t be with your dad on Sunday, these might just give you an extra dose of dad vibes.

Father of the bride wedding speech

Maria Teijeiro/Digital Vision/Getty Images

1. “Today, I’m giving you the best thing I have to give.”



2. “Every pot has its cup.”

OK, someone make that into a poster now, please.


3. “I did not know how to dream big enough for the types of things you would bring in to my life.”

Kinda makes you want to take back all of those doors you slammed as a teenager.


4. “Don’t you think my little girl looks stunning?”

A-a-a-a-a-a-and I’m dead of sweetness.


5. “Deep down in my heart, you are sitting here; I cannot give you away.”

What a beautiful sentiment.


6. This sweet dad makes up a song to his daughter at the end.

It doesn’t get more ‘Dad’ than that.

And because nothing is more tender than the movie relationship between George Banks and Annie Banks, I’ll leave you with the ultimate Father of the Bride moment.


Turns out good ol’ Dad’s a softy after all.

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