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Pst! This app lets you listen to erotic books in secret, for free

Say “laters, baby” to all those judgey looks you get for reading an erotic novel on the commute to work, thanks to a new app from

Woman listening to audiobook on subway

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If you’re dying to find out why everyone is freaking out over Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, or if reading erotic books has become your favorite hobby since getting your hands on the Fifty Shades of Grey paperback, you don’t have to worry about getting weird looks from fellow commuters on the train anymore.

Listening to books on your mobile or iPod isn’t exactly a new thing, but just launched a new romance-dedicated app, free for iOS users, that allows you to download thousands of books and listen to them on your Apple device. That means you can now grab a sappy romance from Nicholas Sparks — or something that involves handcuffs and red rooms — and listen to it on the down low as you commute to work, mow the lawn… anywhere where you get Wi-Fi or 3G coverage.

The idea is a totally brilliant tie-in with the upcoming film adaptation of the E.L. James novel. Companies are dying to grab a piece of the merchandising pie before the flick featuring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan hits the big screens in the fall. We’ve already spotted a lingerie collection and new flavors of wine — and we’re sure much, much more is to come.

We have to wonder if someone with a super sultry, sexy voice will narrate the romance novels on If so, it’ll add a whole new — ahem — experience to our regular reading habits.

Oh, my.

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