What to buy your husband for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special time to show your father how much you appreciate him. But, you can also show the father of your children how grateful you are to have him, too.

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Whether your kids are too young to wish their daddy a happy Father’s Day, or you simply want to tell your husband how much you care, these gift ideas will make any dad feel loved.

Splurge on a couples massage

Your kids will be happier if their mom and dad are relaxed and stress-free. Splurge on a couples massage for you and your husband. It’s a perfect way to thank him for all his hard work. If it’s out of your budget, give him a massage yourself, with these sexy tips.

Stay in a hotel

Grab a suitcase and your husband and find an overnight babysitter. The two of you deserve to reconnect and get a good night’s rest, so plan a special local getaway.

Create a coupon book

From taking over his chores for a week, to a few intimate surprises and favorite dinners, create a homemade book of coupons that he can cash in whenever he wants.

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Book a family photo shoot

Plan a family photo shoot for all of you, but then carve out a few minutes to take engagement-like pictures of just the two of you.

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Engrave a decanter

Nothing says class like a decanter, especially when it’s personalized with his initials. Fill it with his favorite liquor and he’ll have even more to smile about. We love this classic decanter from Things Remembered ($35).

Buy tickets

Whether he’s a sports fan, a music buff or loves to laugh, there has to be a local game, concert or comedy show coming up in your town. Do a little research, then buy two tickets and show him a good time.

Organize a picnic

For the man who has everything, plan a sweet picnic for the two of you. Sunshine, good food and better company… what husband wouldn’t be happy with a little quiet time alone with his wife?

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Cook up breakfast in bed

Prepare his favorite breakfast and morning beverage, and present it to him on a tray in bed. He’ll love not having to get up to eat, and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

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Reserve 18 holes of golf

Reserve 18 holes for your man and his golfing buddies. Send him off with a small cooler of beer and these cool personalized golf balls.

Plan a fishing day

You don’t have to do much planning here. Just tell your husband he has the day to himself to set out on the water and catch some fish. And, that after it’s filleted, you’ll cook him a delicious fish dinner. You could give him a fully-stocked tackle box, too.

Make a “dude basket”

This DIY gift basket will let him know just how well you know him. Fill it with all his favorite goodies, like candy, chips, nuts, beer, liquor, beef jerky, small tools, car air fresheners, golf balls, barbecue sauce, grilling essentials… you know what he likes.

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Schedule a beer bike excursion

Depending on your city, there are several different companies that rent out beer bikes (basically a pub on wheels). Get a group of friends together, contact your local beer bike company, and reserve a date. It’s an experience to write home about.

Order a shave club membership

All men have to shave, right? Make it hassle free with a membership to the Dollar Shave Club. Simply choose a razor and they’ll deliver it right to his door every month.

Go on a brewery tour or host a beer-tasting party

If you have breweries nearby, look up when they hold their brewery tours. Usually they last less than two hours and include samples. If he’s more of a wine connoisseur, take him to a winery or vineyard instead. If you don’t have breweries in your town, host a beer-tasting party for all the dads in your life.

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