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9 Reddit sexual health questions answered by a real gynecologist

What do you do when you have a crazy gynecological question and are squeamish about asking your doctor? Take it to the internet, apparently. We asked insanely cool Dr. Margaret Villers, MD, of Duke University Medical Center to shine some light on a few off-the-wall queries we found while trolling sites like Reddit.

JacquesLeCoqGrande: I’m just curious if having a large amount of sex actually alters the size/shape of the vagina. Also, if a woman sleeps with a man with a very large penis many times, will her vagina change shape permanently? Or will it snap back to its original form eventually?

Dr. Margaret Villers: No — lots of sex does not alter the size or shape of the vagina. The vagina is very elastic and will return to its original size. A woman can have a 10-lb baby and I’ll never be able to tell when I’m doing an examination.

3rddimension: If the only purpose of the clitoris is for pleasure, why has it evolved outside the vagina?

MV: I wish I knew.

GoneWildGinger: Have any women measured how deep their vagina is? I’m guessing almost every man has measured the size of his penis. But have any women measured their vaginas? I think you could do this with a long dildo, and marking how much you can fit when you are fully aroused.

MV: No one has ever admitted doing this [to me]. The depth of the vagina does not change when a woman is aroused or not aroused. Many times a gynecologist will measure the depth of the vagina if a woman complains of pelvic prolapse. It can help us figure out if the uterus is falling out.

dalekak: When you are in the pool, bath or any other way submerged, does water go inside your vagina? If so, what happens when you get out? Does it absorb like an enema or leave like water from the ears?

MV: No, water does not go into the vagina when you are submerged. The vagina is not a rigid space like the ear canal. It is just a possible space. When there is nothing in the vagina, the walls touch. The vagina is like a sock before you put your foot in the sock.

Backseatdriver28: Low vagina? Is this a real thing? So I was at a thing tonight with a bunch of friends and they were talking about a male friend who wouldn’t stop talking about a girl he hooked up with that had a “low vagina.” Apparently he later described this as having her vaginal opening extra close to her rear hole. Is this real?

MV: Yes. But I’ve never heard it called this. Everyone’s anatomy is a little different. The area between the vagina and the anus is called the perineum. This distance varies from woman to woman. Some women have very long perineums and other women have very short perineums.

AdolphManson: I’d like to ejaculate in a vagina — are there any consequences that I should be aware of?

MV: Ummmm… pregnancy?

needtoknowthis: Not sure how to word this… have you ever pushed a poo out using your fingers inside your vagina?

MV: Yes. It is called splinting. Some women have nerve or muscle problems that make it difficult to have a bowel movement. Sometimes this can be a symptom of pelvic prolapse.

salted_vagina: Is it okay to insert a cordless bullet vibrator into my vagina?

MV: Yes, if you can get it back out again. The vagina is like a sock; there is a dead end at the cervix. Nothing you put in the vagina will wander out to other parts of your body (like your brain or your lungs).

If you can’t reach it to get it out, you can see a gynecologist. Most of us have taken out vibrators or similar things at least once in our careers.

panties4sale: Any other ladies able to “inhale” through their vaginas? Like suck air into their vagina? I can. I can’t explain how. I was just curious if this is damaging at all (stretching my vagina? hurting my cervix? taking in contaminants?)?

MV: I’ve never heard of this. I don’t think it’s bad. It’s not going to harm anything.

Yes, your gynecologist can be this cool. So the next time you’ve got a question, ask your doctor instead of the internet. Chances are the answer will be a lot less dangerous.

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