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Can you decode the most recognizable smiles in Hollywood?

As the expression goes, your smile is the most important thing you wear. Can you guess which Hollywood heavy-hitters are which based on what their famous grin says about them? Let’s get dental.


Jennifer Garner |

This busy mom of three has one of the sweetest smiles in the entertainment world. Sure, the dimples really drive home that wholesome feeling, but the actress’s grin genuinely conveys a sense of warmth and sincerity. She may be the girl next door, but her smile is elektra-fying.


Matthew McConaughey |

With the year this Texas fella has had, we don’t blame him for sporting a perma-grin. Notice the slight smirk? It’s one of his trademarks — it gives off an unmistakably cute-but-mischievous aura that draws people in and leaves them dazed.


Angelina Jolie |

As half of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, this actress has a lot to smile about — a hunky husband, six beautiful children, an active philanthropic life and a super-successful career. The fact that she has one of the world’s most wanted mega-watt smiles is just icing on the cake.


Denzel Washington |

Its is said that this unstoppable actor has the most symmetrical face in Hollywood. And while that may be true, we love that his trademark toothy grin is a little askew… not to mention, brilliantly bright.


Cameron Diaz |

There’s just something about this actress’s smile. Perhaps it’s the fact that it seems to reflect her kooky, fun-loving attitude. Or perhaps it’s because it is totally infectious — seriously, can you look at that big ol’ grin without breaking into one yourself? Either way, we are in awe of her pearly whites.


Julia Roberts |

Arguably the most recognizable smile in Hollywood, this actress’s grin seemingly stretches across her whole face. It is at once welcoming and disarming, but the latter only in the sense that you wonder how such a pretty, super-famous woman could make you feel like her BFF with a simple flash of teeth.


Matt Damon |

There’s no doubt about it — this actor was born to act. And part of his universal appeal lies in the fact that he has a completely killer smile. It exudes confidence, friendliness and a wicked sense of humor.


Jennifer Aniston |

We don’t know about you, but this actress’s smile has always made us wish we were friends with her in real life. You know, the kind of friends who meet up each week at our favorite coffee spot for caffeine and great conversation. Although, judging by her pristine pearly whites, we’re not sure how much coffee this funny star imbibes.

The bottom line?

These stars all clearly have something in common — they have the kind of smile you remember. If you want your smile to make a lasting impression like these Hollywood grin winners, you’ll need to care for of your teeth like they do. Simple changes, like adding ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ toothpaste and an ARM & HAMMER™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean toothbrush to your dental regimen, will have you well on your way to wowing crowds with your smile, too.

Jennifer Garner |

Matthew McConaughey |

Angelina Jolie |

Denzel Washington |

Cameron Diaz | Sheknows.comJulia Roberts | Sheknows.comMatt Damon | Sheknows.comJennifer Aniston |

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