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Why your vagina wishes it were your face

Our faces are pretty lucky. Think of all the attention we give them while pretty much ignoring other parts of our bodies – in particular, our vaginas. Maybe it’s time for a change.

There are a zillion soaps for your face and, like, two for your vagina

There’s a whole freaking aisle at Target devoted to cleaning your face. Meanwhile, products aimed at a clean, healthy vagina are limited to the back fifth of the half-aisle devoted to tampons and pads. And it’s mixed in with the condoms, lube and yeast infection products. While it’s important to let our vagina do her thing and not over-clean her, there are soaps specially designed to balance your pH levels or help you out if things feel dry down there, like Vagisil Moisturizing Wash. Why aren’t we giving those more attention?

And lets not forget all the other skin care products that aren’t vagina-friendly

Sometimes our vaginas get bumps and we immediately think, “What even is going on down there?” Are they pimples and can we use some zit cream? Or is it something more serious? (And how long will we ignore that possible bump?) There is probably something we can do to avoid this issue. But, we’ll put off asking about it until it’s too late and requires the weird/painful-sounding procedure to fix it.

Speaking of worrying: How freaked out are you by rashes on the rest of your body?

If we get a rash on our arms or legs, we immediately call the doc. Feeling itchy between our legs? We’ll try ignoring it as long as possible. Finally, we turn to home remedies. Then, maybe, we will go after some yeast infection creams. There are multiple reasons we could be feeling itchy. But, when it comes to our vaginas the last place we want to go is the gyno. We blame the speculum.

We bedazzle our faces & hide our vaginas

Think of all the added attention we give our faces to make them pretty and show them off. We wear our faces proudly while our vaginas sit trapped away with very little personal time under unbreathable undies and constricting skinny jeans. If your vagina could speak, she’d probably scream, “Let me out! I need some air and sunshine.” Sadly, if you listened to her, you’d probably end up arrested.

This is getting out of hand. We could blame the product makers or store merchandisers, but that’s probably unfair. They can only sell what we’re willing to buy and we’re the ones ignoring our vaginas and opting for more bronzer, new mascara and better lip balm. To paraphrase Mahaa Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the bathroom.” Want big companies to take your vagina more seriously? You first.

This post was sponsored by Vagisil.

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