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10 Instagram accounts that make healthy look delicious

Your Instagram may be the key to a healthier lifestyle. Check out these users who are here to kick healthy into its followers.

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Do you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed drooling over the latest post of someone’s pizza for lunch or sundae for dessert? Luckily, there is a whole community of people on Instagram dedicated to posting photos of fresh, wholesome foods that are not only satisfying, but also good for your health. Do your body a favor by following users who will inspire you to make healthier food choices.

Signe Leth, a law student from Denmark, uses her Instagram to show off her acai bowls that are almost too pretty to devour, but someone has to do it.

These guilt-free colorful creations will inspire you to indulge in the wonderful world of fruit and veggies without looking back.

At a first glance, Amber’s photos look like colorful one-dimension patterns; however, when you take a close look you realize these incredible arrangements are created with fresh fruits and veggies.

These unique vegan creations show veganism is not limited to eating grass.

Natasha recovered from seven years of eating disorders, and now inspires others by posting about positive body image posts and her healthy food choices.

Anya Kassoff and her daughter Masha Davydova team up to create a stunning Instagram that showcases nourishing food developed by Anya Kassoff herself.

Think you don’t have time for healthy? No more excuses! David Bez has salad at his desk everyday — and has kept up with it for three years. The photos of his nutritious combinations will surely have your mouth watering.

Sarka Babicka takes pictures of food to the next level. Her talented, artistic photos of her healthy meals makes eating healthy look delightful.

For all of you gym lovers who love your protein, this one’s for you. Sarah Rosenthal posts pictures of her delectable, protein-rich meals that helped her lose around 100 pounds.

Kevin shows off his skills in the kitchen through photos of his wholesome creations. He includes recipes and directions in the captions under each photo.

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