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Kissenger: A device that lets you kiss him from across the globe

With a “real kiss transfer device” called Kissenger, you can now send and receive kisses to and from your loved ones by way of a robotic gadget. It transfers the kiss sensation from one party over the internet and is replicated on the receiving side by another robotic Kissenger. Yes, I’ll give you just a second to read that again.

Why it exists

Sharing a kiss with another person offers an intimate expression of affection. It can send chills down your spine and move butterflies around in your stomach. A kiss, sometimes, is everything. It’s the tell-all of what kind of chemistry two people share. One bad kiss, and it could be a major deal breaker. Of the many ways available to communicate to your significant other in a long-distance relationship, using touch is a tough one to master. Enter Dr. Hooman Samani, creator of Kissenger.

How it works

Kissenger is really easy to use. How you feel while using it… now that’s a whole different story. One person kisses the unit while the other person receives the kiss on the other unit — no matter how far away in distance. The robotic smooch will be a replica of the original kiss, since it goes on vibrations.

Dr. Hooman Samani conjectured this concept out of the National University of Singapore. The first prototype made waves (get it?) in the media. So much so, that Dr. Samani partnered with Dinos Demetriades, and together started Kissenger Pte Ltd.

So what do you think? Would you help support the mass manufacturing of Kissenger? Their Indiegogo page shows a goal $150,000. To incentivize the public, those who give $35 will receive one Kissenger and those who give $60 will receive a pair. Just like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other.

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