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Ladies sound off: When did you get your first sex toy?

Sex toys have gotten a bad rep over the years, but are the tides turning? Real ladies share stories of their first encounters with sex toys. They’re not as scary as you might think!

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While we’re still hoping no one opens our bedside drawer, we’re slowly but surely becoming more willing to talk about what it takes to get off. SheKnows scoured social media, did our best not to blush and asked ladies about their first experiences with sex toys. The results were pretty fun.*

Robyn, 29

“Maybe I’m a late bloomer, but I didn’t buy my first toy until I was 25. After I divorced the only man I’d ever been with, the only thing I missed was the sex. I bought a pretty pink dildo with a little rabbit that stuck up and vibrated. I definitely dove into the sex toy pool way too fast! It was so intimidating. A month later, I bought just a small vibrator. So that’s what an O feels like.”

Carrie, 25

“I bought my first toy last year for my wedding. My boyfriend/fiance always wanted to try the other hole and I just wasn’t interested. A few weeks before my wedding, I ended up in the black hole that is Tumblr and found out about a “Princess Plug.” It’s just a very small plug for the back door with a rhinestone in it. I let my husband find it on our wedding night.”

Sara, 33

“I got my first vibrator as a wedding present from my best friend. She married young and said by her fifth anniversary everything had stopped. So, when I got married several years later, she gave me a vibrator to help me prepare for the future dry spell.”

Lauren, 24

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“My freaking mother bought me a dildo before I left for college and told me not to come home with any diseases or babies. Gotta love moms!”

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Amy, 28

“I bought my first vibrator this year, actually. I caught my husband watching porn where the girl was masturbating. I knew he watched porn… but, I’d rather him watch me than some chick on the internet. So, I went to the shop near our house, bought a vibrator in Tarheel Blue (we’re from North Carolina) and let him watch. So embarrassing. But, I got his attention.”

Liz, 30

“I got mine when I was 20. One of my sorority sisters got us all matching vibrators for Christmas. They were in our sorority colors. The room was filled with a mix of shock and amusement. Then someone pointed out how easily they could get mixed up. Everyone laughed and took them back to their rooms. No idea if anyone else used theirs, but I used mine until it stopped working.”

Chrissy, 29

“I got mine a few years ago. As a single mom, I try to date but sometimes it’s just rough. A girl has needs, though, ya know? It’s usually about midnight before I have any guaranteed alone time and then I’m pretty tired, but when I do get the chance to use it I swear it’s the best purchase I ever made. Better accuracy and way less drama.”

Kate, 21

“My boyfriend gave me mine a few weeks before he deployed a while ago. It came with his old digital camera and some photo paper. The message was pretty obvious. I didn’t feel comfortable doing it by myself, so we did it together. As far as I know, he managed to smuggle those pictures in with him… and, yes, I guess I was glad to have it once he left.”

See? It turns out all kinds of girls are experimenting with toys. Not because they’re depraved or dirty but because it gets the job done and, sometimes, it gives their loved ones a bit of a thrill, too. So, we guess you could say buying a sex toy is for a good cause.

*All names have been changed.

Right… there!

What’s your sex toy story? We’re dying to know, so share below.

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