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Sex tricks to try on your wedding night

For many modern women, the only thing special about their wedding night is their new last name. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try harder to make things feel extra “special” for both you and your new husband.

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Our number one suggestion: Stay in that dress as long as possible. Guys are visual creatures and it’s gorgeous, white and “pure.” Make sure you get good use out of it before it hits the floor.

In the limo

Recreate the garter search

If your honey stuck his hands and head up under all those layers of tulle to reach for the garter, you know how fun it is to feel him but not see him. Gently push him to his knees and drop your dress down over his head. He’ll get the idea.

Return the favor

Have you ever watched porn? The POV shots of girls going to town on a man’s manhood are always rated high. Seeing his new wife all dolled up in her lily white dress while… servicing him will send him over the top.

At the hotel

Get on top

Again, keeping your dress on longer will make this all the more fun. Have you two had sex before? Probably. But, he’ll feel like he’s got a whole new girl when you climb on top of him with loads of taffeta gathered in your hands.

Take out the scissors

It’s rare that brides ever wear their mother’s dresses anymore. We’re slaves to fashion and what you’re wearing that day will doubtfully hold up to fashion standards twenty years from now. Let the Mister unleash his animal side by cutting or ripping open your dress to get at the goods.

Get out the camera

Make a sexy 3-5 song playlist and hand him the camera. Tell him while the music is playing, you’ll do whatever he wants for his “XXX session.” Only 47 percent of guys say their ladies have let them film/photograph them, but this might have to do with trusting your partner. Now that you’re married, you’re probably safe.

Round two

So you had fun in the limo and you had an amazing time after finding your way to your honeymoon suite. Your dress is on the floor. Your hair is a mess and the Champagne and strawberries have long been consumed. Hubby Dearest may have even powered down for the night. Still giddy and ready for more?

Explore the dark side

After putting that dress to good use, perhaps it’s time to give up the ghost. Bring along a darker, sexier set of lingerie and make the change while Mr. Right snores through recovery.

Wake him up

If you spent time on your knees in the limo, you may not be up for dropping and giving him 20, again. That’s still the best way to wake-up a man, though, and to earn major bonus points. Another awesome way? Bring along your battery-operated friend from your single days. Let the sounds of vibrating and your pleasure stir him from sleep.

Let him watch… and then take over

It’s weird, right? You probably have no desire to watch him pleasure himself. Guys totally get off on watching girls go at it, though. Once you woke him to the sound of your moans, don’t cut him off. Let him enjoy the view. When your nerves can’t handle his eyes any longer, hand over the toy and let him try himself. In a Glamour survey, 90 percent of dudes said it’d be totally hot if their lady wanted to try something new.

Finally let him try anal

So far, your wedding night has been filled with special twists on the same old stuff. Why not try something new? Give your lady parts a rest and let him dive (gently!) into the great unknown. According to Huffington Post, when asked what men had on their “sex wish list,” trying anal came in third place. (The first two spots: for their girl to initiate more and oral sex.) If you’re feeling especially daring, ask him in you can return the favor.

Have we said congratulations, yet? For all our good girls out there, don’t get too freaked out about these possibly new and/or gutsy moves. The wedding night is special because it’s the beginning of your forever. That means if all you want to do is drop your dress, get it on and then sleep for a week, you still have a million years to help him live out his porn-fueled fantasies. Enjoy the long, happy ride.

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