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6 Facts about sex that will make you want to be more adventurous

Sex life a snooze? Here’s a little encouragement to spice things up with your lover. Adventurous sex never sounded so good.

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Kinky sex improves mental health

According to a study published in the May 2013 Journal of Sexual Medicine, people who practice BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) scored higher on certain indicators of mental health. Those who practiced kinky sex were found to be less neurotic, more open, more aware of and sensitive to rejection, more secure in their relationships and have better overall well-being than those who engaged in plain old “vanilla” sex.

Quick tip:

Not ready for bondage in the bedroom? Spice things up with a little spanking instead. Check out this guide on erotic spanking for beginners.


Porn can help your relationship

Despite society’s negative perception of porn, it turns out enjoying sexually explicit materials together can actually be good for a couple. Recent research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed nearly 25 percent of those surveyed said pornography helped them experiment more in bed and over 20 percent reported that porn made it easier for them to express their sexual desires. They key is to watch porn together, making it a sexy shared experience.


It’s easier than ever to have a threesome

Always wondered what having a ménage à trois would be like, but not sure your relationship could handle another partner? Having a vibrator in the bed lets you act out your erotic fantasies without all the awkwardness. In fact, a recent study conducted by the makers of the We-Vibe vibrator found that both men and women enjoyed the experience of having sex with this vibrator that is designed to be worn during intercourse. According to the study, both partners enjoyed the increased intimacy, communication and pleasure that came from having sex with the vibrator.


More positions mean more orgasms

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, women are more likely to reach orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts, including oral sex. So get creative and try new positions. Need inspiration? There are no shortage of books, videos and websites offering new ways to enjoy each others’ bodies and experience the mind-blowing orgasms every woman deserves.


Great sex now means great sex later

If sex just hasn’t been a priority lately, new research published by JAMA Internal Medicine shows you better get busy. It turns out that women who reported being sexually active during middle age also reported being sexually active years later. Women who said sex was “moderately,” “quite” or “extremely” important to them were more than three times as likely to be sexually active four years later than those who said sex was “not at all” or “not very” important to them. With any luck, you’ll enjoy “the best sex” ever well into your 70s like these smokin’ hot septuagenarians.


Fantasizing leads to heightened arousal and orgasm

A 2012 study conducted by researchers based at the University of Michigan suggests that women who fantasize about sex can use the power of their mind to create physical changes or “responsive desire” in their bodies. So let your mind run wild, then act out your fantasies with your partner. Multiple studies show that sexual fantasy leads women to higher rates of arousal and orgasm.

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