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News flash: We aren’t always perfect little lady flowers

Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean all you know how to do is feel feelings.

Stereotype of women

Not long ago, one of our friends, Kat, posted an article that was so, uh, not like her on Facebook. It was called “5 Subtle sounds that will make him ask what’s wrong.” One of the note-worthy noises:

“mhmp:” Light and airy with the highest pitch, this is commonly referred to as a whimper. Did he get your dinner order wrong? Forget to pick up paper towels? Bump into you? This is the sound that says, “I’m disappointed and hurt, and you’re the one responsible.” This one increases in effectiveness the more it is utilized, and is an excellent segue into fits of crying.

Kat’s various commenters were outraged by this insulting lady mag stuff, and we were kind of wondering if things were OK with her husband, until we clicked through to the delight that is Reductress. A hybrid of The Onion and Jezebel, Reductress seriously skewers the content that is “made for a woman” with faux women’s news and lifestyle stories like “Red wine stains skyrocket among Scandal fans” and “Take your look from day to night to walk of shame.”

A few articles that had us laughing tears here at SheKnows:

And then there’s this, which reminded us an awful lot of something that hits close to home.

Check out Reductress and enjoy.

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