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16 Reasons you need to run a marathon

Wondering what marathon fuss is all about? It turns out there are plenty of reasons to join in on the long run.

Women at marathin finish line

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Running around in spandex for hours upon end while strangers yell at you may not sound particularly legendary. However, as any marathoner will tell you, there are plenty of reasons to get into it. Like…


Color runs

Pictures of someone triumphantly crossing the finish line are made even better when they’re covered in a rainbow of powder.


It’s for a good cause

Many marathons support a charity so any money you put into it goes to benefit someone in need.


You can inspire your kids

Marathons require staying healthy and not giving up. Don’t you want your kids to see examples of that?


You’ll (possibly) have a chance to explore a new city

“I’m going for a marathon” is a perfectly legitimate excuse to visit someplace new.


There are health benefits to running

Aerobic exercise is the best thing you can do for your heart. Get to runnin’.


Tough mudder

Want to feel like a total bada**? Do your marathon through pits of mud.


Those couch to 5k programs are great ways to get in shape

Marathoners don’t start out running with stamina. They work toward it. Joining a local Y or running group geared toward the TV-obsessed will start you off slow but eventually get you where you need to be.


Someone will definitely buy you a beer afterward

Bonus: Because running kick-starts your metabolism, you’ll get drunk way faster.


The first meal after a marathon will be the most guilt-free meal of your life

Go big!


Finishing brings self-confidence… and usually a medal

So maybe you never learned Russian or built that ‘Stang. You can finish a marathon, though, and walk away with some impressive hardware.


You’ll make new friends

Joining a running group or crossing the finish line with someone who’s been at your side for the last few miles can lock you into a whole new friendship.


It’ll restore your faith in humanity

Look to your left. Look to your right. All those people on the curb are just happy to support others.


You’ll be put out of your comfort zone

Sometimes you need to live a little.


Learning to run a marathon is cheaper than joining a gym

No gym membership is required to run. Just a good pair of shoes and the open road.


It’s one of the only places where it’s still acceptable for adults to pee their pants

What more could you ask for?


Because you can

We promise.

That’s some pretty solid reasoning, right? Now grab your shoes and let’s go.

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