Twerkout: The latest dance cardio workout

Mar 26, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. ET

What if you could take the fun of a nightclub and mix it with a kick ass cardio workout? Enter the Vixen Workout.

Vixen workout
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This hour-long cardio dance class was created by former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones and is quickly spreading across the country. The 60-minute class is a non-stop cardio workout based on moves Janet learned during her time as a professional dancer.

"We wanted to recreate moves from the Miami club scene and from your favorite pop stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus," says Janet. "We even have a five-minute portion of the class dedicated to booty music or twerking as it's now called."

Women are not only mastering the dance moves, but also getting a killer full-body workout in. "All the strength moves are hidden in the choreography," adds Janet. "For example, we do something called chest pops where you're in a deep squat and making quick contractions left and right that works your abs and adds a cardio element."

More than getting a hot body, Janet wants women to gain confidence in her classes. "I think women can often feel invisible," says Janet. "This is a place where I want women to feel seen. If Rihanna, JLo and Beyoncé had a baby, that’s who I want my girls to be that night."

Attendees often put makeup on and wear wedge sneakers to these classes as a way to make it feel like a night out with the girls. There's no judgment in the class and there is even a five-minute selfie period where women are encouraged to take snaps of themselves, post them and hashtag it with #Vixenarmy. "It's all about these women feeling sexy and confident," says Janet. "If they feel that way in class, they will feel that way in life and that can help their careers and relationships."

Makings of a vixen

Janet Jones
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Janet Jones lived a glamorous life as a professional dancer, traveling the world and performing in front of thousands of people. But, when she turned 26, she thought she needed to grow up, get a real job, get married and have a baby. The four years that followed she dubbed "the black out period" where she became very depressed and missed the excitement of her old life. When she got fired from her corporate job, she relied on the only other skill she had, dancing.

During a night out at a club with some mommy friends, she realized all of her friends were hesitant to dance. That's when it clicked! Janet set out to create a dance class that resembled a girls' night out. "I wanted to create something where women could workout and let go," says Janet. "The Vixen workout is about letting loose and losing weight."

Unlike professional performers who have the benefit of rehearsing all day, the average woman has to squeeze in time for fitness. The Vixen workout promises more results in smaller time frames, burning 400-1,000 calories in an hour.

With clubs open in Miami, New York and soon to be Los Angeles, women across the country can live by the Vixen motto: Stay hungry. Live fierce.

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