Workouts for your body shape

Mar 1, 2014 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Thank goodness curvy is in. Women don't want to shed their curves at the same time they shed unwanted pounds, and since we're all built differently, committing to a workout for our unique body shapes can be just as important as dressing for our body shape.

Let's be clear: It shouldn't be about looking skinny anymore. It's about catering to the shape you were born with and doing it justice. It's about exuding confidence that your curves are here to stay and you're proud of that.

For pear shapes

Workouts for your body shape: Pear
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You carry most of your weight in your thighs and your booty. While you can still focus on trimming down your lower body if you want, arm workouts will help add curves to your upper body to balance out your frame and accentuate your curves.

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For hourglass shapes

Workouts for your body shape: Hourglass
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You were born with natural curves in your upper and lower body, and for you, workouts that tone these areas rather than shed tons of pounds are best. Cardio can benefit everyone, but don't lose sight of the importance of a good weight-lifting routine to sculpt your shape.

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For rectangle shapes

Workouts for your body shape: Rectangle
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You may have grown up constantly hearing people say, "You're so skinny, you're so lucky." You beg to differ. You're starting from scratch when it comes to your curves, and it can be tough to find the best exercise regimen that helps tone without triggering weight loss.

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For athletic & apple shapes

Workouts for your body shape: Apple
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Someone decided to bless you with an upper body that naturally appears to have muscle tone. However, you may crave extra curves in your lower body and less weight in your midsection. Try this circuit to trim your waist and bring out the curves you've been blessed with.

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