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Betcha didn’t know men look for this trait in women

Nicole Hendrickson, Ayi.Com's Data Blogger

When it comes to online dating, some say men aren’t too picky, but after examining six million interactions between members, we’ve proved them wrong.

Man on computer

According to our data, men are pickier than we ever thought — and they care about more than just looks.

Below are the five things men are looking for online and tips to make your online dating profile more man friendly.


Pink Floyd

Fans of the progressive English band should find a lot of success online as it turns out that men are most often filtering their online dating searches for women with the interest “Pink Floyd.” Other popular male interests were Candy Crush Saga and Sex in the City, surprisingly enough. So don’t be afraid to let out your inner Carrie Bradshaw!



Ladies, we hate to say it, but men are looking for green. Analyzing over 600,000 interactions on, we discovered women that made more than $150,000 annually were contacted the most by men, followed by women that made $100,000 – $150,000. Rounding out the list were women that made less than $20,000, all of whom were 58 percent less likely than women that made $150,000 to get contacted by a man.


For women that make under $20,000, it’s best if you leave your income field blank — you will get contacted 20% more if you stay mute on the issue.


Working women

Men most prefer women in legal, marketing and finance fields, which makes sense since they are looking for huge salaries, too. And interestingly enough, if you don’t work in any of these fields, it’s best to leave your career blank! Leaving it blank gives you an 11 percent better chance of getting contacted by a guy.

Retired women get the least love (41 percent less than women in legal), followed by women in labor and construction industries (30 percent less).


University of anything

In addition to searching for women in high-powered fields, men are much more likely to contact women that have completed college. A woman with any collegiate degree (associates, bachelors, graduate or Ph.D.) is nine percent more likely to be contacted online than women that had just a high school diploma. Our advice? If you don’t have one, get one. (And not just for men, but for yourself!)


Buff babes

Love comes in all shapes and sizes but some shapes get more love from men than others online. After examining over three million interactions on, we found that men across the board prefer women that identify as “athletic and toned.” Women in this category even fared better than women that identified as slender. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t love for other body types. For example, curvy women find more love in these five cities.


Embrace your body type. Eighty-two percent of men said that if they met a woman who was a perfect match except for her body type, they would still give her a chance.

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