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VIDEO: Good men give a f***

In a world penetrated (see what I did there?) with Durex and Trojan, another brand of condoms is coming (see what I did there?) out with its own strong and clever advertising.
I hadn’t heard about this condom company before watching a ridiculously awesome video commercial for it today. L. is a condom company on a mission to support a woman’s sexual empowerment.

Our brand represents a movement for consumers’ choice to support better sex, a better cause and a better world. Core to our company mission, L. partners with development organizations to support women and HIV/AIDS prevention.

L. does what no other condom company does: For every condom purchased, one is distributed in a developing country. And, because real men give a f***, L. created a video to showcase just that. The video is clever and void of any sexual content (like you’ll see with other condom companies). It’s pure, it’s raw and its play on words shows you the genius of this brand.

Founder Talia Frenkel’s job as a photojournalist opened her eyes to the worldwide effects of HIV/AIDS. “My assignments documenting the effects of this epidemic, specifically its toll on women and girls, left me with an anger that I needed to channel in a productive way.”

Frenkel set out to use condoms as more than just a channel for distribution, but for education, economic and cultural programs to support women and drive HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. Since condoms are the most effective HIV/AIDS prevention, L. works with partners on the ground to take a holistic approach to promoting correct condom usage.

So this Valentine’s Day weekend, I pay kudos to a company spreading the message of literally giving a f*** for a good cause.

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