These glasses are the sunscreen of the future

We spend all day glued to our smartphones, tablets and computers. Ever stop and think about what it could be doing to our vision?

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A recent study conducted by eMarketer found that the average adult spends more than five hours per day on a digital device, not counting the television.

Add in the time we spend watching TV, and we’re looking at more than 12 hours per day using technology (if you spend one hour watching TV online, that counts as one hour toward both). Lack of exercise aside, all of this technology is affecting our vision in more ways than one.

Harmful effects of blue light

Blue light is the harmful, high-energy light that is emitted from almost all electronic devices. This is causing our vision and overall health to deteriorate. Blue light is most harmful at night — when most of us scroll through our newsfeed before bed or fall asleep to a movie.

According to Harvard Medical School, exposure to blue light from technology greatly affects our sleep-wake cycle by suppressing the secretion of melatonin. When our sleep suffers, we’re at a higher risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Not to mention we’re crankier, more forgetful and more prone to accidents.

Blue light and our kids

Children today spend more than seven hours per day in front of technology, which, as studies have proven, disrupts sleep cycles. The rise in ADHD has also directly coincided with the rise of technology. Maybe it’s not that our kids are just too hyper, it’s the fact that they’re missing out on quality sleep and are feeling the effects.

What can be done

We need a way to protect our eyes and our children’s eyes from harmful blue light emitted by technology.

One solution is to wear glasses that protect our eyes from blue light when using digital devices. Eye Solutions Technologies’ BluTech Lenses are dedicated to providing smart eye protection for everyone. BluTech Lenses are an actual lens, not simply a coating. They’re infused with ocular lens pigment, a natural pigment that occurs as we age. The lenses filter out harmful, high-energy blue light so we can enjoy technology without worrying about deteriorating our eye health or disrupting our sleep-wake cycle.

BluTech Lenses are available in prescription or nonprescription versions, for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be worn by toddlers, kids and adults.

Another solution is to limit the use of technology at night. Start a family rule where instead of using the internet before bed or falling asleep to a movie, you read together or play a game. Not only will this encourage family bonding time, it will also give everyone a better night’s rest.

We’re the first generation where technology is a huge part of our daily lives. Instead of waiting to see the damage caused by blue light, be proactive. Wear glasses to protect your eyes and limit the use of technology before bed. It’s the sunscreen of the future.

Back in the day, sunscreen didn’t exist. Now, it’s a must to protect our skin for the sun. Perhaps the same is true for blue light.

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