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Send your heartbeat to a loved one this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, share not only your heart with someone you love, but your heartbeat. Yes, you read that correctly.

Picture this: You’re in bed after a long day of being out in the real world. You and your partner just showered, brushed your teeth and put on PJs (or not, hell — I sleep naked!). Since Jay Leno is no longer on the air and you have nothing to watch until Jimmy Fallon takes over, you decide to go to sleep without any TV for a change.

Re:Beat by Rebtel

Photo credit: Rebtel

You lay your head on your guy’s (or girl’s) chest and hear his heart beating. Constant and strong, it lulls you to sleep and makes you feel closer to him than ever before. With an app called Re:Beat by Rebtel, you can now have his heartbeat in your back pocket at all times and send him yours.

Users are loving it and even Randi Zuckerberg said, “This is a fun one… you really have to know the person you’re dating.” Right, because sending your heartbeat to a stranger you met at the grocery store would be superbly awkward.

About Re:Beat

Re:Beat was created by Rebtel, a Stockholm-based startup that’s focused on providing free and cheap international phone calls to those with faraway loved ones. Since most of their users are couples in long-distance relationships, Rebtel wanted to figure out a way to help them get together and stay together even if they weren’t actually together. That’s how Re:Beat was born.

How it works

Once you download the free app and hit begin, just stick your finger on your phone’s camera to detect your pulse. How do they do that? By using camera and flash together in order to measure the subtle changes of your finger’s color. The app then creates an animated representation of your heart with timed sounds, which you can send to anyone through text, Facebook and Twitter with a personal message like, “My heart beats for you…”

Check out the video

According to a recent survey conducted by McAfee, 76 percent of respondents plan to send most messages to others on a social media platform, while 57 percent will post photos. Not sure where posting your heartbeat falls under but suffice to say, you won’t be alone in spreading the V-Day love.

There are many app-based gifts that you can opt for on this Valentine’s Day. If you’re into capturing your photos into a book for your boo, check out Mosaic. Just pick out pictures from your phone, create and buy — all for $20. If you’re still a sap for the traditional roses and chocolates, put a twist on the chocolate bit and have your lover bite into a delicious Mrs. Fields Cookie Cake or take them out to dinner at Brio – Yum!

Has your heart skipped a beat yet?

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