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10 Things to change about your family diet this year

Many of us start off the year vowing to improve the quality of our family’s diet by including more healthy foods and less junk. That can be really hard. But implementing small fixes can reap big rewards.

Small changes make a big difference
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When trying to change your family’s entire diet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, focus on making small but effective changes that will benefit everyone in your family. Here are 10 things to change about your family’s diet this year that are easy to implement and stick with.

Ditch white flour

Instead of buying white bread this week simply switch to whole wheat. Incorporating more whole grains into your diet is an easy switch to make. Loaf of bread | Sheknows.comOnce your family gets used to whole-wheat bread, try buying whole-wheat pastas, too.


Break up with soda

There’s no way around it, soda is not a great option when it comes to beverage choices. If you have a hard time breaking up with the bubbles try switching to mineral water. You still get the fizz without all the chemicals. Some mineral waters are even flavored to help avoid the boredom of water.


Drink a smoothie for breakfast

Smoothies are a great way to start your day. With a base of milk or Greek yogurt, you can even get some protein. Then add whatever fruits you like and a big handful of spinach. The sweetness of the fruit masks the taste of the spinach, and you now have a breakfast full of fruits and vegetables that’s both nutrient dense and delicious. Wyman’s frozen fruit is a great option to use.


more often

Eating only three meals a day can do a number on your metabolism. Instead, keep your metabolism going all day by incorporating healthy snacks into your day and eat something every 2-3 hours. Almonds | Sheknows.comSnacks packed with protein, healthy fats and some carbohydrates are the best and keep you satisfied longer.


Choose lean meats

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Meat is a great source of protein but many times it is also full of fat. To reap the most benefits, choose lean meats like chicken, turkey and bison to incorporate into your meals.


Try vegetable noodles

Spaghetti is a go-to meal in many houses that parents and children alike enjoy. Try switching out your noodles for the vegetable kind. You can use a spiralizer to turn a zucchini into noodles or steam a spaghetti squash and use a fork to turn that into noodles as well.


Plan ahead

This goes for both your main meals and snacks. Have a plan going into the week. Just by planning out your meals or preportioning your snacks, you can ensure that what you eat is both healthy and ready to go when you are.


Cook with new ingredients

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Find a new and healthy recipe your family hasn’t had yet with a new-to-you healthy ingredient. Good options to start with include quinoa, kale and pomegranate.



Give up mindless snacking for good and instead listen to your body’s hunger cues. Eat when you’re hungry and eat until you’re full but make sure you’re doing it while paying attention to the cues from your body.


Tame your sweet
and salty sides

Pretty much all of us either have an affinity for sweet or salty foods. Have fruit on hand when your sweet tooth hits or almonds for when you crave something salty.

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