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Simple ways to start being more active

Even if you’re not getting out and running every day, finding ways to keep yourself moving and get your heart pumping is important. It doesn’t have to be monotonous or time-consuming, though. Promise.

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It’s one thing to say you’re going to be more active, and quite another to actually do it. You’ll find more success if you start simple. Use these easy tricks to get moving, and you’ll start seeing results in no time!

Turn on the music

Whether you’re cooking, vacuuming or mopping the bathroom floors, turning on the radio is guaranteed to turn those monotonous chores into a dance party. There is absolutely no way you can resist shaking those hips at the stovetop when there’s music playing. Once you discover your rhythm, how about signing up for a dance class?

Get ActiveLink®

Want real motivation to get up and move? Let ActiveLink get you going! This Weight Watchers gadget doesn’t just count steps, but keeps track of every move you make while wearing the small device. Weight Watchers members find themselves going out of their way to fit more movement into their day.

Late-night video game sessions

How much money did you spend on that new gaming system for the kids at the holidays? Next time you’re at the store, pick up one of those workout or dance games. After you tuck in Jack and Jill, replace one episode of your favorite housewives show with a quick game. Be a top scorer, get fit and reward yourself for being an awesome gift-giver.

Walk the dog

When was the last time you took Spot out for a nice, long walk? You may not be up for running, yet, but a quick trip around the block warrants good exercise and some bonding time with Fido. Before you know it, you’ll be making trips around the whole neighborhood.

Join the community center

When you join the local rec center, you’re first and foremost supporting your community. Once you’ve dished out the money, you should take full advantage of what they offer. Smaller, older communities might just include a simple weight room and an outdoor pool. Newer, wealthier communities, however, often offer indoor pools and child care. Why not drop the kids off at the already paid-for babysitter and swim a few laps? Or talk your favorite neighbor into trying out a yoga class with you.

Learn to multitask

Stop letting your hectic work schedule excuse you from getting fit. Read and respond to emails while you’re on the treadmill by using your tablet. Even if you have to slow down to a walk while replying, at least you’re moving. We understand the need to unwind with some mindless TV, too. But, why not see how many crunches you can do during commercial breaks? See if you can hold the same yoga position when the show returns.

These all seem like small transformations at the moment, but they add up. Once you start to feel better by doing these things, you might even find that going for a run with the dog is more fun than you thought. And maybe a good long stretch is just as relaxing as an hour of reality TV. Whatever it takes to get yourself moving again, find it, do it and don’t stop!

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