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Pregnancy sex positions that promise not to poke the baby

2. Queen takes king

Queen sex position
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

How you do it: He sits in a sturdy chair with arms. A wingback chair works better than a small or lower club style. With her back to him — and with enough lubrication to prevent pain — she places her hands on the arms and sits down onto his penis. He places his hands on her hips to help raise and lower her, or if she is strong enough, he can play with her breasts and clitoris. (You might want to try this position clothed before trying it naked!)

Why it’s awesome: “She can also remain in one position and hover there, as he pushes up into her,” says clinical sexologist Eric Marlowe Garrison, author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex. “It’s wonderful for pregnancy, because she has control over depth and speed.”

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