Fab exercise videos for workouts at home

There’s no need to spend big bucks at the gym. Use these fab exercise videos to get a great workout at home.

How to get slim, sexy arms

Say goodbye to those flabby arms with this great workout video that focuses on slimming and toning your arms.

How to do a glute kickback

Work that backside and your hamstrings with this one simple move.

How to do a weighted step-up

The weighted step-up targets the same areas as the dreaded squat — the thighs — but without as much wear and tear on the lower back and knees.

How to do an Around the World Lunge

Spice up your workout routine with an Around the World Lunge. This challenging exercise combines three moves into one, working your hips, glutes and thighs.

How to do an AbMat sit-up

Learn how to get a lot more out of your sit-ups by using an AbMat.

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