Zumba moves that make you feel like Beyoncé

Bey. She runs the world. Channel your inner diva with these moves to help add some Beyoncé to your Zumba routine.

If you think dancing like Beyoncé is hard work, you’re dead wrong. As a matter of fact, some of her finest moments are straight out of the Zumba playbook.

Sassed-out salsa

Check out this classic rump-shaking “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” move.

Beyonce GIF

Image courtesy of beyoncegifs.tumblr.com

Yes, it’s Queen Bey, so it seems complicated and hot. But consider the way you move your hips to do the salsa. Move those legs as far apart as you can without feeling like you’re losing your balance. Move your hips like you would for a hip roll and keep your feet firmly planted. Pretty similar, right?

Work the upper body

Beyoncé has fantastic legs, but the truth of the matter is that it’s her hand gestures and hair flicks that really make each of her routines. What do you remember most about that “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” video? The flashing hand looking for some bling. That move, along with a hair toss, can be added to any of the basic Zumba steps to make any dance feel inspired by Mrs. Carter.

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Image courtesy of f***yesbeyonce.tumblr.com

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Image courtesy of scandalgladiators.tumblr.com

Beyonce GIF

Image courtesy of beyoncegifs.tumblr.com

Go big booty or go home

Another key to Beyoncé’s moves is that booty pop. Most of her moves are pretty simple — she just pops her butt a little harder and farther than anywhere else. Next time your instructor has you hopping, push out the tush. And if you’re doing a quick few steps forward, turn it into a hip-popping sashay. You’ll be the Bey of the class.

Beyonce GIF

Image courtesy of beyoncegifs.tumblr.com

Beyonce GIF

Image courtesy of Beyoncegifs.tumblr.com

Take a hint

To help you feel at your Bey-est, we rounded up a few videos of Zumba classes rockin’ out to Beyoncé’s biggest hits. Plug in your speakers, go full screen and follow along. Be forewarned: The further down the list you go, the more complicated the choreography gets. But you can do it! Just pretend Jay Z is watching.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

“Baby Boy”

“Crazy in Love”

“Run the World (Girls)”

“Move Your Body”

Feel like a star? You should. You run the world, girl! Now sign up for a class and show those other ladies you’ve got a diva inside of you.

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