Valentine’s Day gifts for guys based on your relationship stage

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and it’s time to celebrate the affection you feel for your main squeeze with a sentimental gift. Sure, you’re excited to see what he got you, but let’s address the real issue: How do you put a price on your love for him? Whether you’ve been dating your guy for a week or have been married 10 years, we’ve got the perfect gift to help you avoid that dreaded awkward gift giving moment. 

Valentine's Day gifts for guys based on your relationship stage |
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A few dates in

If you just started seeing the guy, you don’t want to give it all away too soon. Alas, Valentine’s Day always seems to fall when you just started dating a guy, so what’s a gal to do? Keep things simple and avoid any awkwardness by steering clear of anything too sentimental or expensive.

Sweets for the sweet

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you’ll be on your way to an exclusive relationship with that new hottie if you gift him some tasty chocolate!

Manly accessories

What guy doesn’t like socks? They don’t have as many accessorizing options as us gals do, so many guys express their mood with fun socks. Keep things low key by gifting your developing crush a set of colorful socks.

Be my valentine?

Remember how fun Valentine’s Day was when you were in school? Giving and receiving valentines and little candies was so simple, yet so exciting. Recreate that flirty childhood pastime by picking up a pack of candy hearts at your local drugstore and writing a cutesy valentine for that special guy.

We’ll be having the “this is exclusive” convo soon

So you’ve nearly won him over, huh? Well done, girl! Now it’s time to show your man that that exclusive talk you’re about to have is worth it. Show him you care with a gift that lets him know you’re totally the gal for him.

Hot ticket

Ready to make things exclusive? Show him you’re all committed by gifting him a pair of tickets to the next hot concert or sporting event in town. This will show him you’re already planning months down the line and excited to spend more time with him!

Yummy honey

Treat your sweetheart to some treats this Valentine’s Day! Show him how much you know him by customizing a box of goodies based on his tastes!

Working 9 to 5

Is your guy the big corporate type? Guys are sometimes clueless about work style, and that’s where we come in. Get him a messenger bag he can tote proudly on his commute to work!

Long-term, exclusive relationship, but not married

Now that you’ve been together for quite some time, you’re pretty in tune with your guy’s tastes, right? Show him how much you’ve been listening by picking out the perfect token of your affection.


Picking out a fragrance for your guy is a pretty intimate matter. Unless he has a fave (and in that case, you got off easy), you should pick a scent that reminds you of your guy’s personality. Is he rugged? Try a woodsy scent. You get it!

Music man

Is your guy into his music? Let him experience those tunes in optimal sound with a vintage-inspired stereo set. He’ll think of you every time he jams out to his fave band!

Grooming guy

Keep your dude well-groomed and totally kissable with the latest and greatest in shaving technology. It’s a gift for both of you, really!

Married and totally committed

Now that you’re an old married couple (OK, not really), the pressure of gift giving is a bit less intense. But just because you know you have him reeled in doesn’t mean you should get lazy, ladies! Wow your guy with a gift that will impress.

Bedroom beauty

Let’s face it ladies, guys like to give us lingerie but we know it’s really a gift for their enjoyment. Beat him to the punch this Valentine’s Day by picking up a sexy set of lingerie you can both enjoy. Bonus points for surprising him in your new purchase!

Time flies

Every guy needs a statement watch. Get your hubby one that combines fashion and function! Peugeot has the right watch for every personality.

Sick soaps

As much as they’d like us to believe otherwise, men do enjoy pampering every now and then. Give him the gift of luxe soap with this fragrant set from Mistral! It features four manly scents he’s sure to fall for.

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