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Bloggers tell us how their families stay fit

Fitness is a family affair for these bloggers, and it can be for you, too! Read on for their tips on how to make fitness and exercise work for your whole clan.

Family exercise

Laura Williams: Girls Gone Sporty

Photo credit: Laura Williams / Girls Gone Sporty

Blogger Laura Williams of Girls Gone Sporty thinks exercise is a great way for a family to spend quality time together, especially moms and daughters.
“While there’s no surefire way to navigate this relationship without hitting a few bumps, it’s important to continue spending time together, working to strengthen your bond,” she says.
“Exercise is an excellent way to promote a healthy mother-daughter relationship as it facilitates communication, silliness and shared experiences that only the two of you understand.” Read her post for great exercise ideas for every age and phase.

Family diet

Megan Brewer blogs over at Yumology and she’s a master of all things food. Not surprisingly, she thinks the best way to stay in good health is by making an adjustment to what you eat, and there’s no better time to start than the new year. She warns, though, that making drastic changes and unrealistic resolutions is only setting yourself up for failure. “Instead, let’s focus on a few simple dietary changes that will make eating healthier a more attainable reality,” she said. Her latest post details exactly what she thinks those changes should be.

Megan Brewer: Yumology

Photo credit: Megan Brewer / Facebook

Family snack time

Amy Makechnie: MaisyMak

Photo credit: Amy Makechnie / MaisyMak

Even more difficult than mastering a healthy dinner is figuring out to help your kids snack healthily. Not to worry though — Amy Makechnie from MaisyMak has got us covered. She warns us to stay away from vending machines and other quick solutions. “The one gas station in town beckons and mocks. Packed with luscious-looking soda, savory potato chips, stale donuts — it’s no wonder kids eat so much junk,” she says. Instead, read her latest post for tips on healthy, portable snacks you can bring from home and have at the ready when hunger strikes.

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