3 Bloggers committed to fitness and fearless living

The new year is the perfect time to create a list of attainable fitness goals and commit to achieving them, whether you aspire to lower your body fat percentage or increase your daily vegetable intake and cut out soda and processed foods.

Here are three women bloggers who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and use the power of blogging to encourage other women to do the same.


Running, Loving, Living

Antoinette "Toni" Church

Antoinette “Toni” Church is a runner, RN, wife and mother from Long Island who’s had a passion for running since 19. Though she put her passions on hold when she started her family and went to nursing school, Toni fell back in love with running and fitness after the birth of her second daughter in 2008. She launched her Running, Loving, Living blog in 2011 to hold herself accountable while training for her second half-marathon. She shares her race recaps, running tips and running journey on her blog.

Toni’s thoughts on healthy living:

“Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is important to me because it makes me feel great! I want to be an example to my children and to other people striving for a healthy lifestyle. I am a busy working mom of two, which makes it difficult to fit in fitness and healthy eating, but I want everyone out there to know if you make the time, you can do it. I am far from perfect, but strive every day for balance, and taking the time to take care of myself makes me a better person all around.”

What makes her fearless:

“I am fearless because despite my fears, I am willing to try something new. Whether I succeed or fail, I am willing to embark on new endeavors.”



Carla Birnberg

Carla Birnberg’s fitness motto is “fitness isn’t about fitting in.” She has been a blogger since 2001 and launched MizFitOnline in 2007 to share fitness knowledge with others. Her blog posts are inspirational and humorous, and deal with topics on personal development, exercise, parenthood and more. Readers can also check out videos and podcasts on her blog.

Carla’s thoughts on healthy living: 

“Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is the backdrop to all I do. In a sense, it’s no longer even a focus of mine because it has permeated every area of my life. In order to do what I want to do work-wise (write), motherhood-wise, community volunteer-wise, etc., I need to have the energy provided by remaining firmly on my healthy living path.”

Carla’s thoughts on living fearlessly: 

“I don’t know that I’m fearless; I just know that finally, at age 44, I feel the fear and I do it anyway. I’ve learned through experience that worrying (fear-based living) is quite literally praying for what I do not want. We all experience fear to one degree or another. I just strive to feel the fear and take the leap anyway.”


Through Heather’s Looking Glass

Heather Montgomery

Heather Montgomery uses her blog to share her passion for living a healthy lifestyle and running, including her experience in running numerous Disney World races over the past few years. Readers also get an inside look at her travel adventures, recaps of her marathons at Disney, family life and fitness journey. Montgomery also uses her motivational blog to share recipes, fitness tips and her faith.

Her thoughts on living a healthy lifestyle: 

“I want to be around for a really long time! I don’t have children yet, but when I do, it will be important for me to be there for them and watch them grow up. I also want to set a good example not only for them, but for my friends, family and blog readers. I strive to be the best version of myself I can be and I am happiest when I am healthy!”

What makes her fearless?

“When I think of being fearless, I think of confidence and strength. I think some of these things are in my nature, but being fearless can be tough. I think knowing that I have family and friends to support me no matter what happens is so important. Taking a leap of faith or facing adversity is much easier when you don’t feel alone. Also knowing that I am going to sometimes fail puts things into perspective. I won’t always do everything right, and it’s okay to fail as long as you pick yourself back up and try again. Knowing that I can keep at it and eventually succeed helps me to be fearless.”

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