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The right workout class for your fitness goals

Workout classes are great ways to stay fit without necessarily feeling like you are working very hard at the time. The social interaction and distractions involved in classes make working out a little bit easier, and every class can yield different health benefits.

There are lots of new workout classes that sound exciting and tempting. I mean, Zumba is like a dance party, and kickboxing also teaches you self-defense. With all the choices we have today, it can be difficult to recognize which classes will help you reach your personal goals. Before enrolling, make sure you know what you’ll be getting out of it.




When you think of Zumba, you probably think of bright colors, loud music and essentially what can be considered a fun night out with the girls. How can such a great time actually benefit your health? Well, you might be surprised! Zumba is a wonderful aerobic exercise that actually has a lot of the same health benefits that you get out of running. Not only will it improve your heart health, burn calories and help you lose loads of weight, but a consistent Zumba program can also result in a stronger core. According to Zumba instructor Kass Martin, participants burn an average of 817 calories per hour. In addition, the fun environment is a proven mood-booster.




The fast pace of kickboxing makes it a great aerobic exercise, and the martial arts aspect makes it ideal for improving coordination and balance. Some exercises involved in the typical class include jumping rope, kicks, punches and the use of shadow boxes. According to Sammie Kennedy, founder of Femme Fitale women’s kickboxing program, this diversity of exercises means that a huge range of muscle groups are being worked, so your entire body will be more toned. In addition to the obvious physical benefits of the program, you will also come out with lots of knowledge about defending yourself.


Hot yoga

Woman doing hot yoga

As if yoga weren’t difficult enough for many of us, imagine doing it in extremely rigorous conditions. According to the Mayo Clinic, hot yoga is performed in a studio that has been heated to 105 degrees F with humidity of approximately 40 percent. So yes, you’ll be sweating instantly, and staying hydrated is a must. In general, the goals of hot yoga are to elevate your heart rate and work targeted muscle groups. In addition, the heavy sweating theoretically flushes toxins from your skin and promotes relaxation through deeper breathing. However, most of the detoxifying effects of hot yoga are due to the poses that massage various parts of the body, especially the liver. Of course, you also get the benefits of standard yoga, including improved strength and flexibility. Another purpose of yoga is to reduce stress and anxiety.

The health benefits of practicing hot yoga >>


Boot camp

Boot camp

Although various boot camp classes can differ slightly, most participants agree that it is a phenomenal way to get motivated to work out. You are pushed to your limits in this type of class, typically by an instructor who, to say the least, will not go easy on you. Typical events include interval training, obstacle course challenges, and lifting and resistance exercises; so along with toned muscles, you get cardiovascular benefits via the aerobic challenges. Many participants also claim to gain a lot of confidence from these classes, which extends to other areas of their lives.



Spinng class

Spinning classes are great because you can immediately and clearly see your results. One 40 minute spinning class can easily burn up to 600 calories. Cycling is typically done on a stationary bike where you can view your distance and calories burned. Spinning improves cardiovascular health and can tone your legs (depending on what level of resistance you choose). One of the greatest benefits of spinning is that your risk of injury is extremely low because of the controlled environment and predictable, repetitive movements.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get fit and have some fun at the same time!

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