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How to conquer crow pose

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran yogi, odds are you’ve witnessed somebody hold a stellar crow pose in class before…

And although it may seem intimidating, and probably a tad impossible at first, I can assure you that you’ll feel so “fly” once you teach your body how to soar in the sky (See what I just did there? *Wink.*).

Much like other arm balances, crow pose nourishes and strengthens the arms, wrists and hands, while toning the inner thighs and abdomen. Holding the crow pose can also be a nice little confidence boost, as it helps build focus and improve concentration. Talk about a total mind-and-body workout!

So come on, yogis, add some crow to your yoga flow by following these three simple steps to mastering the pose below.

1. Assume the squat position

How to conquer crow pose -- Step 1

Come into squat pose (malasana) with your feet about as wide as your mat, letting your hips sink toward the floor, hands in prayer position at your heart.

2. Plant your palms and bend your arms

How to conquer crow pose -- Step 2

From squat pose, plant your palms flat on the ground so that your wrists are directly in line under your shoulders. Bend your arms slightly and squeeze your knees in firmly around your elbows or upper arms.

3. Rock ‘n’ roll

How to conquer crow pose -- Step 3

Rock your weight forward into your hands, coming up high on your tippy-toes. Pressing firmly into your hands, lift your feet off the ground, allowing your knees to rest on the backs of your upper arms and your body to hover over the ground.

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