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What your favorite sex position says about you

Do you tend to play it safe between the sheets? Or are you more of the “get wild, take the reins” type of gal? Our sexperts analyze what your favorite sex position says about who you are, both in bed and out.

Couple having sex



The woman who likes this position prefers to keep it simple. “She’s not all that into experimentation and is typically not wild and crazy in the bedroom,” notes Stacy Rybchin of My Secret Luxury. “She desires eye contact and wants to feel a connection to her partner. This is also the preferred position for busy, on-the-go women who are tired,” she points out.

Relationship coach and sex enhancement specialist Delilah Taylor adds that missionary is the most common used position by long-term couples. “Some people see this as boring but it is really about emotional intimacy. The missionary position says you have a sensual bond with your partner and think of their pleasure before your own.”


Girl on top

According to AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Charlie Glickman, Ph.D, girl on top is the perfect position for someone who likes to be in charge. “You like to have control over the action,” he explains. “Girl on top lets you decide the pace and the depth to make sure things hit just the right spot.” You’re a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and you usually get your way, says Stacy. “You’re extremely confident and comfortable with your body.”



This is the favored position of a true romantic, states Delilah. “The lady has complete trust in her lover and is willing to surrender her heart to him.” It’s a relaxed position that lets you go for a long, long time, adds Charlie. “You like it slow, sensual and romantic, at least until things get going. After that, it’s anyone’s guess!”


Doggy style

Besides the name, there’s definitely something animalistic about this position, says Charlie. “Whether you’re pushing onto him or he’s grabbing you and pulling you back, this is the position for someone who likes to get wild.” You enjoy being submissive and allow your guy to ravish you with passion, reveals Certified Master Sex Expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. “You’re a bit of a naughty girl that enjoys kinky sex, which is awesome!”


Reverse cowgirl

Love reverse cowgirl? Then you’re most likely a vixen in the bedroom, informs Nikki. “You’re wild, sexually open and not afraid to take charge in the bedroom. You don’t mind being responsible for your own orgasm while giving your man pleasure at the same time.” This is also a great position for a woman who likes to show off, notes Charlie. “The guy gets a great view of your butt (let’s hear it for all those leg lifts!), and you can both watch yourselves in a well-placed mirror. Whatever your thrill, if you like to put on a show, reverse cowgirl is for you.”

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