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Sexy holiday e-cards your can send him

Giving your loved one a card is arguably the most sentimental part of any gift. Being able to have that perfect personalized message to your beau and watching his reaction as he reads on is extremely satisfying.

If you’re anything like me, heading to the greeting card aisle of the local CVS is less appealing than waiting outside of Best Buy in preparation for Black Friday. The cards are stale and boring, never really have the right message and always come with the grueling task of stamping and mailing. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Over the past 10 years, the greeting card industry has seen great change as card sales in the digital space have increased immensely. This is great news for yours truly, since there are many awesome (and flirty!) online cards I can buy without my foot having to step into a CVS.

This holiday season, flirt your way to the holidays with these fun eCards to send to your beau:



RottenEcards holiday card

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Rottenecards is the ugly stepchild to Someecards. These cards lack any filter whatsoever and make for some interesting conversation. You can also get these gems printed on mugs, T-shirts and magnets. So forget naughty — if you know someone who’s been straight up rotten this year, these are the cards for them!


Dirty word libs

American Greetings Holiday Card

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Personalize your naughtiness with this customizable American Greetings card! This Word Libs card, a play on Mad Libs, lets you choose nouns and verbs until you’ve created a masterpiece. Who needs sex dice when you’ve got this fun game to play?


Reindeer games

Open Me holiday card

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Open Me is backed by the crowdsourcing giant Threadless, offering hand-picked cards from over 200,000 artists. Open Me is unique because you can customize handwriting, add pictures and it also has a social signing technology that lets you literally ‘pass the card around’ between friends so you can all sign before sending. Open Me gives you the option of a free eCard or a $4 printed card. That’s printed, addressed, stamped and mailed!


Randy canes

Someecard holiday card

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If you’ve ever heard the expression, “Well, that was a doozy!” then you understand how this company got its name. Worth mentioning, Doozycards was created by a woman named Chandler Chandler. She was Chandler Cooke, but then she married her college sweetheart, Patrick Chandler. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Some of my other favorites to send your man: Sexy Snowman and Naughty Christmas Tree!


The right touch

WrongCards Holiday Card

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WrongCards offers a hilarious take on any occasion. Lengthy in their message, every punch line makes you think, “That’s just wrong!” These cards are for the person who always thinks it, but never says it. Another fabulous flirtation to send is called Delicious Mistakes.


The ride of your life

HipsterCards Holiday Card

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HipsterCards has been around since 2004 and promises an ‘all glam, no spam’ experience. The site is easy to navigate and they have over 1,000 cards to choose from in many different categories. All cards are free to send.


Virtual strip tease

FunPuch holiday card

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FunPunch provides interactive motion animation cards where you and your friends are the stars. You can upload your pictures into the scene you set and watch as it plays out. This holiday season, send your man yourself as a sexy stripper in a Santa costume. Look how well it turned out for me…


Elf himself

JibJab Christmas card

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Elfing Yourself became a really big craze when Office Max launched the JibJab software close to 10 years ago. You probably remember making them for you and your friends, sharing how hilarious it looks when you’re all dancing in the snow. As the sensation grew, so did JibJab, and now they offer a slew of options for customization — especially when it comes to setting the scene. Check out my hubby as he plays a Sexy Santa for me!

So whether your man’s been nice — or naughty — you’ll find a perfect card in one of the awesome companies above. Happy holidays!

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