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Why running skirts are a girl’s best friend

Move over, running shorts. Step aside, capris. Running skirts are taking the streets (and trails) by storm. With an ever-growing number of styles, patterns and sizes, there’s no reason to be afraid to take a skirt out for a trial run. But be warned: Once you go skirt, you’ll never go back!

Relay skort (Athlete, $60)

Relay skort (Athleta, $60)

While we still love our shorts and capris, here are some reasons running skirts leave shorts in the dust.


You’re so vain…

Let’s face it, whether it’s your first race or your 50th, it’s always an awesome feeling when you’re emailed a race photo that you actually like. With a running skirt, you never have to worry about your shorts creeping up and ruining your shot. Of course, the skirt can’t ensure your eyes don’t close.


Chafe no more

Despite the name, most running skirts are actually skorts with compression shorts underneath. And those shorts can be a godsend during a long (or even short) run by preventing chafing. So try a skirt. Your thighs will thank you for it.


Room for your stuff

Can your shorts hold a $20 bill and an ID? And I don’t mean in that weird little zipperless pocket that jostles during your run and leaves the aforementioned $20 bill and ID on the side of the road near a Starbucks in Houston (or is that just me?). Many running skirts have a zippered or deep pocket (my favorites have two!) that fit cash and ID. Some even have a special pocket for your iPod, along with a hole for your headphones.


Girly girl

Not everyone wants to look girly during a run. We get that. But we can’t resist the chance to play up our feminine side, even when drenched in sweat.


She’s a bad mamma jamma

It sounds like an oxymoron, but there’s nothing more badass than passing the smarmy guy who sneered at your skirt before the race. That skirt flip as you shoot past is even more satisfying than the middle finger.

Convinced yet?

Here are some of our favorite running skirts to get you started.

Running skirts for beginners

For the beginner

These skirts come in basic patterns and colors; perfect for your first foray into skirthood. (, $50)

Running skirt

For the runner with swagger

With a shorter length and standout colors, this skirt is sure to garner attention. Pull the side strings to show a little more skin. (Nike, $55)

Running skirt with leggings

For colder weather

Want to wear a skirt, but afraid it’s too cold? Check out these with attached leggings. These are capri length, but some styles go down to the ankles. (Road Runner Sports, $60)

Running skirt with built-in-briefs

For the free spirit

This skirt is as free as it gets: a shorter length with built-in briefs instead of shorts. This just might be your new PR skirt. (, $60)

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