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How to train for the Hunger Games

Would you survive if the Hunger Games were real? This custom fitness challenge will work to improve your speed, agility, stamina and strength — just in case the Capitol comes to life and you’re caught in the fire like Katniss.


SheKnows health-and-fitness expert Laura Williams came up with six survival workouts that you can rotate through during the week to improve your full-body fitness performance.

Speed and agility

Do these workouts twice a week to ensure that you can run like heck from the hazards that the Gamemakers will undoubtedly send your way. Not only will you need to get out and get out fast, but you’ll need to be agile and light footed to escape the unexpected at a moment’s notice.

Speed and agility

Stamina and endurance

So you can run. Good — but you’d better be prepared to go the distance because the Gamemakers will only give you a breather long enough to regain hope. At that moment, their tricks will set in again, and you’ll likely have to fight for your life in an exhausted state. These workouts for stamina and endurance will help keep you far from the breaking point.

Stamina and endurance

Strength and conditioning

If it comes down to face-to-face, fist-to-fist combat, make sure that you pack a punch. Peeta may have been the weak link at first, but his strength made him more of a threat than expected. When it comes to climbing trees and fighting other tributes, you’ll want strength on your side.

strength and conditioning

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