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Holiday gift ideas for every type of guy

Hoping to surprise your guy with the perfect present this holiday season? Whether he’s a jock, a businessman or a total tech nerd, don’t worry because we’ve got a little something on our list for everyone. Peep these genius gift ideas straight from the mouths of men!


The tech nerd

XBox One

“Though on the outside I may seem like a typical sports guy, on the inside I consider myself a tech nerd. This year, for me, it’s all about the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One. Though Sony has done a good job of marketing its exclusive games and hardware components, the Xbox One will be shipping with the Kinnect 2.0 and wildly popular Xbox Live community. During the last next gen. consoles war, I had succumbed to Microsoft’s platform and all of its promise of late night gaming with friends. However, Sony has really grabbed my attention as of late (along with a lot of other gamers) and could have my loyalty come Dec. 25. It will have to come down to a Christmas list game time decision as to whether or not I will spring for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. And hopefully I have been good enough this year to receive either one!” – Brandon F.


The businessman

Man getting massage

“I would be very happy with a ‘gift certificate’ from my beautiful wife for a weekly full body massage to help relieve pain and tension after a long day at work. I don’t want anyone else touching me, and neither does she. Plus, it would allow me to relax, put me in a better mood, enable me to sleep better and perform better. We have the massage table, oils (olive and coconut work great) and rhapsody. All that’s needed is her energy and devotion!” – Mr. R. Girard


The artsy guy

Man reading book

“When it comes to buying for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with a great book. My lady knows my favorite authors and it doesn’t take much to get me to talk about books. She can find out what book I want without a lot of work.” – Shane C.


The foodie

Immersion Circulator

“As a foodie, what I want for the holidays is great food and kitchen gadgets. I’m a guy who quit a corporate job to become a cook and later started a food company, so I’m always thinking and learning about food. The Immersion Circulator for sous-vide cooking would be an amazing gift for this year. There are a couple of relatively low-cost options that launched recently. Also, great cookbooks can inspire a lot of creativity at home and a lesson from a professional can go a long way. Hiring someone from could be a good way to get that done.” – Brian B.


The style-conscious dude

Mission Belt

“This year I’ve got my eye on this really cool belt made by Mission Belt that auto adjusts and has no holes in it. I originally saw it on Shark Tank. It is really stylish and will never wear out. Also, as a dude whose weight fluctuates depending on how much I have been working out, it will always fit. I told my wife I wanted it for Christmas. I really like the red leather strap one. Funky and cool!” – Kyle James


The outdoors lover

Vibram FiveFingers

“You can often find me participating in outdoor adventure sports, like trail running and climbing, so this year I would love a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes for cool weather running. Anything and everything cold gear from the Nike store is an automatic win too. Lastly, some sweet shades from Sunglass Warehouse could really add to my Paul Bunyan look.” – Casey M.

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