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Gift ideas based on her zodiac sign

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your grandma or your BFF, we’ve got the lowdown on what she really wants, according to her zodiac sign.


White Robe

The Aries woman is full of energy like her ruling planet Mars. This woman is always multitasking and juggling things around. Sometimes her passion, drive and take-charge personality leave her in need of some pampering. The best gift for this high-energy woman is a gift certificate to a day spa tucked into the pocket of a luxurious Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Adult Robe in Pearl (, $126).



The Taurus woman is sensual and serene like Venus, her ruling planet. This woman loves a comfortable home and surrounds herself with things that make her feel like the queen of her castle. The perfect gift for a Taurus gal pal, mom or grandma is an EJH Brand Signature Candle (, $52) to transform the atmosphere of any room into one of luxury and opulence.



The Gemini woman is mutable and changeable like her ruling planet Mercury. Pay attention to how Gemini females move their hands around when expressing themselves. It can be like watching an exotic hand dance. The best gifts for a Gemini gal are some wrist bangles by Zeffiria by Vittoria Faccin in monochromatic hues (, $298) to create an utterly cool stack.


Gift set of Pure Grace

The Cancer woman’s mood is always changing to keep in step with her ruling luminary, the moon. These girls are sweet and sentimental and are the epitome of femininity. A Cancer woman of any age can pick a fragrance to match her mood with Philosophy State of Grace 2 fl. oz. Spray Fragrance Trio featuring, Baby Grace, Amazing Grace and Pure Grace (, $98).


WEN set

The Leo woman is known for her mane of hair whether she wears it long or short. The sun is her ruling luminary and shiny hair suits her best. A great gift for a Leo woman is the WEN® by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Kit (, $43). This great selection contains Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, Sweet Almond Mint Re- Moist Intensive Hair Treatment and Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Treatment Mist.


Foot massager

The Virgo woman is practical and organized. Her ruling planet Mercury keeps her mind busy sorting out details and adhering to schedules. The perfect gift for this girl who has to be reminded to relax is the Rolling Foot Massager with Infrared Heat (, $140). Virgo gals of any age can treat their feet with reflexology massage, plus deep penetrating infrared warmth within the comfort of their own home.



The Libra woman is as sweet as her ruling planet Venus. A box of Edward Marc Chocolatier Gourmet Assorted Chocolates (, $60) is decadent, delicious and the perfect gift for a Libra goddess of any age. Her natural indecisiveness may make her linger over what piece to try first.


Black gloves

The Scorpio woman is fearless, determined and intriguing. Her ruling planet is Pluto, which bestows her with an intense, mysterious persona. A pair of Fownes Brothers Basic Tech Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves (, $66) in black, of course, is a great gift for a Scorpio woman who outwardly presents as being smooth and cool, but is deeply emotional, soft and warm on the inside.


Leopard print bag

The Sagittarius woman has a sense of adventure and she is always up for meeting new people and visiting new places. Her ruling planet is fun-loving Jupiter so she is sure to have a good time wherever she goes. A great gift for a Sagittarius female is a ‘Be My Wonderful’ Weekender bag by Betsey Johnson (, $100).


Red wallet

The Capricorn woman is both serious and sweet. Her ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of stability, making these gals inclined toward good values and tradition. A great gift for these hardworking women who are wise with their money is a Legacy Zippy Wallet in Leather by Coach (, $108), which is understated and elegant just like her.


Travel Spray

The Aquarius woman is open-minded and rather unusual in an engaging sort of way. Her ruling planet is Uranus, the planet that begs to be different. Aquarius women of any age will love Molecule 01 – Travel Spray Eau de Toilette by Escentric Molecules (, $75). The velvety woody note is highly sensitive to body chemistry and the scent becomes devastatingly unique to the wearer.


Transformatoin book

The Pisces woman is artistic, dreamy and compassionate. She is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. These women are drawn toward anything mystical that allows them to discover their inner wisdom. A perfect gift for the Pisces female of any age would be a box of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck ( , $12) and a copy of The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos ( , $12).

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