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How to ace your second date

You went out on date number one, dealt with the first date jitters and had a great time. Now you’re going out again, which is great but brings with it a whole new set of worries. Keep the good times going and continue impressing him with our tips for acing date number two.

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Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a near-perfect first date. The only issue becomes trying to repeat or improve on your initial experience, which can cause all sorts of anxiety leading up to a second date. The key here is to stay calm and stop pressuring yourself to impress him even more. If he wants to go out again, he likes you and you already caught his attention. All you need to do now is continue being your awesome self, enjoy yourself and relax.


Do something different for date number two

If you went for dinner and drinks for your first date, aim to switch things up for your second date. This will help keep things interesting and minimize pressure to make great conversation if one or both of you is feeling nervous. Doing something different also allows you to see your date in a new light and learn even more about him.


Make sure to ask about him and listen

While you might have spent a lot of time charming your date on round one, this time be sure to ask questions and really listen. By no means should your date be doing all of the talking, but if you really want to continue making a connection, it’s important to be a good listener and ask questions that foster discussion, rather than ones that don’t lead the conversation anywhere new.


Avoid over sharing

Even if you feel fairly comfortable now that the first date jitters are out of the way and you know you and your date have chemistry, avoid the temptation to say too much, too soon. This means topics like your ex, family drama or other subjects that might be a little too personal for a second date. Being honest about who you are is always important, but anything you would be more likely to spill to your best friend isn’t something you should be sharing on a second date, no matter how comfortable you feel.


Focus on being yourself

The pressure to keep him interested can lead some people to not be themselves but this can backfire. If your date likes you for you, then you’ve got it made. Don’t muddy the waters by trying to be someone you’re not just to try and impress him even more. Use the second date as a chance to allow him to get you know the real you even better. If you catch yourself trying too hard to impress, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s the real you he wants to be having dinner with.

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