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7 Really cool products that help maintain weight loss

The crisp air and falling leaves not only hint at cozy sweaters and pumpkin lattes, but also the time of year when we slow down and the dreaded pounds return. How can you keep your weight maintenance goals on track? Up next, seven really cool products we’ll be using this fall to keep that weight off.


A smart scale

a smart scale

FitBit Aria (, $130)

Maybe you started a weight training regimen. You hop on the scale and managed to gain weight. Well is it fat or muscle? The FitBit Aria goes beyond your average scale; it sends a tiny electrical signal through your body to differentiate between lean mass, such as muscle, and fat tissue. It tracks not only your weight but your body fat percentage and BMI, and gives you a picture of your long-term progress online. It syncs wirelessly, and your stats are graphed online and via mobile to help keep you motivated (and honest).


A fork that vibrates

a fork that vibrates

HAPIfork (Brookstone, $100)

Your mom wasn’t kidding: Slow down during dinner! We understand that it’s tough to carve out time to enjoy a meal, especially when we’ve been trained to indulge on the run. Enter the HAPIfork. It re-trains you to pace your bites by recording how long your meals last, how much time elapses between each bite and how many mouthfuls you consume. It will flash lights and vibrate when you’re eating too fast. It also features a USB port that uploads recorded data so you can keep track of your progress. This way you won’t bite off more than you can chew.


An apocalypse simulator

An apocalypse simulator

Zombies, Run! (, $4) 

Interval training means you can work out smarter even if you have less time. But without a trainer it can get, well, dull.

Zombies, Run! is an interactive mobile app that motivates you to run by simulating a zombie apocalypse. It’s a fitness app with a gripping storyline that incites you to speed up and not look back when zombies are on your trail.

It immerses you deeply in an action-packed game that mixes in your own music as well. This way, whether you’re jogging in a park, running on a treadmill or even walking to work, you can divert your attention from the actual workout!


Negative-calorie beverage

Negative calorie beverage

Celsius (, $19 for 12)

You’ve heard of hot pepper being a metabolism booster, but what if you’re not into the spicy stuff? Celsius is the first negative-calorie drink on the market backed by multiple clinical studies.

Apparently one 12-ounce can, imbibed before exercise, helps you burn up to 100 calories per serving as it reduces body fat, increases endurance and provides you with lasting energy.


A drink full of fiber

A drink full of fiber

Sneaky Pete’s Oat Beverage (, $2)

Let’s be honest: We feel thinner and we certainly weigh less when we’re regular. Consuming enough fiber can help curb hunger and help you feel satiated, but with a calorie- and sugar-dense bowl of oatmeal, the pounds can add up.

Drink your oatmeal (and accompanying fiber) instead! Sneaky Pete’s Oat Beverage offers 3 grams of fiber (equal to one bowl of oatmeal) and only 40 calories.


An activity reminder

An activity reminder

Gruve (, $160)

The Gruve is your lazy alarm, if you will. This clip-on device measures your non-exercise activity and prompts you to get up and get moving after a period of inactivity. You can burn major calories every day just by taking short breaks from your computer. We all need a reminder that’s especially effective in this digital era. A ringing phone alarm jolts us back into a state of activity quite nicely.

On the horizon…


A metabolism measurer

A metabolism measurer

Breezing (, available soon)

Soon you’ll be able to measure your metabolism and how many calories you can consume to maintain your weight! Once you breathe into this portable device (that syncs to your mobile phone as well), it analyzes your rate of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, which measures your metabolism. It also tracks your respiratory quotient, showing whether you’re burning carbs, fats or a mix of both!

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